This blog covers everything you need to know about roomMaster

From securing bookings and streamlining operations to managing a workforce and enhancing the guest experience, there’s a lot that goes behind efficient property management. In order to support hospitality businesses and help them grow, we launched roomMaster – an all-in-one property management system (PMS)! This blog covers everything you need to know about roomMaster-

Firstly, what is roomMaster PMS software?
roomMaster is a cloud PMS software that helps you streamline processes, automate operations and improve guest experiences.

What are the key highlights and benefits of roomMaster?

Some of the key highlights of roomMaster include a powerful channel manager, customizable booking engine, front desk services, payment solution, performance reporter and an integrated hotel CRM. These highlights along with their benefits are explained in detail below –

Powerful Channel Manager:

roomMaster’s powerful channel manager connects you to the world’s most popular OTAs such as,,, etc. and shares real-time updates across channels. By centralizing your inventory and pricing, it helps you boost your online presence, maximize occupancy and avoid over bookings.

Customizable Booking Engine:

Our PMS software includes a direct hotel online booking system as standard. It helps you save on commission costs by encouraging bookings directly via your website and helps foster customer loyalty. Furthermore, with our customizable booking engine, you can tailor the customer booking experiences and manage all your reservations in one place.

Front Desk Services:

Next, our user-friendly software empowers your entire workforce to manage and run front desk services effectively through a centralized system. These services include hotel bookings, check-ins and check-out, housekeeping, billing, sending personalized messages to guests, etc. In essence, it streamlines operations and automates tasks extensively.

Payment Solution:

roomMaster provides an end-to-end payment solution to cater to all your payment-related needs. Integrated with the latest technology, it enables you to process all your payments quickly via a single source, in a secure manner. In addition to that, it comes with advanced accounting, auditing and reporting capabilities that help you optimize your revenue considerably.

Integrated Hotel CRM:

Thereafter, our cloud-based PMS also comes with an integrated hotel CRM that allows you to deliver the right message at the right time. It creates customer profiles, records guest interactions and automates relevant communication, thereby enhancing the guest experiences and engendering customer loyalty significantly!

Performance Reporter:

Lastly, roomMaster performance reporter provides you with access to real-time data and insights. It allows you to monitor occupancy, guest behaviour as well as profitability. Moreover, it assists you in understanding your clientele, designing more targeted packages and making smart decisions to grow your business.

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