Take advantage of cutting edge features to maximize ADR and RevPAR. Work smarter not harder with intelligent Yield Management Features.

  • Manage rates from any sector quickly and easily with Daily, Weekly, Monthly and customizable Package Options.
  • Derived and Hybrid Rates make managing many rate structures as easy as adjusting one rate.
  • Valuable analytics about past and future performance is provided to make better rate management decisions through customizable graphs and detailed reporting.


revenue optimization

InnQuest Software offers powerful integrations with market leaders in Revenue Growth and Optimization. No matter the size of your property or what your revenue management strategy is, our integrations can help you maximize your RevPAR:

  • IDEAS – A SAS Company – Revenue Solutions for the hospitality industry
  • RG SOLUTIONS – Smart Pricing solutions for hotels
  • Duetto – Higher RevPAR. Delivered.

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