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The Knowledge Base and Training Videos are accessible for all Clients with Current Accounts. To setup your access for the first time, please click ‘request access’.

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The Client Forum is a free online support forum for InnQuest Software clients from all over the world.

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For all technical support questions send an email to
Call Us Anytime!
Call Us Anytime!

Installing roomMaster for the first time

1 813 288-4900
Software Requirements

Make sure you are installing during regular support hours, since emergency/off-hours support is not available for installation issues.

End of Life Policy

All InnQuest Software products have a pre-determined commercial lifetime. In order to provide the highest quality products, meet security/PCI guidelines and support to our customers, each product is developed utilizing a product lifecycle methodology, which includes an End-of-Life (EOL) phase.

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Installing roomMaster for the first time