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A Guestfolio & InnQuest integration enables you to better engage, gain insight and retain guests throughout the travel cycle. By integrating every digital touch-point pre, during and post stay, our hotel crm system helps you deliver the right message at the right time – all through automation. Guestfolio plugs into roomMaster to measure your effectiveness so that you make more informed business decisions along the way.

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How Guestfolio works

Guestfolio plugs into roomMaster and extracts historical guest reservation data. Your account is synchronized so that all new, updated and cancelled reservations are mirrored in the hotel CRM system…

…Then your guest data is merged and stored in one central cloud based platform. We work with you to set the business rules for sending messages, displaying enhancements and soliciting guest feedback…

…Guestfolio then automates your digital guest communications. All interactions, requests and profiling is maintained, tracked and reported on so you have a full 360 view of your guests.

Our Secret Sauce - Conditions

Conditions allow you to display content to any guest type at any time pre, during or post stay. It’s un-matched in the CRM industry and is what sets our service apart. It allows you to personalise your guest communications while allowing you to focus on guests – not systems.


With thousands of clients around the world, we’ve developed a process to ensure your account is built on time with limited HR from your property.

  • Your property is assigned a dedicated Account Producer who works with you directly.
  • Your Account Producer does an audit of your existing digital collateral and hotel offerings.
  • Our integrations specialist works with you to ensure your data is being captured correctly and determines any suppressions or special considerations that you have.
  • All of your guest communications are brand-matched so everything looks and feels like it’s coming from your hotel.

Now the guest journey begins


Your first impression and the conversation starter

  • Includes all of the required information you need to confirm a guest reservation
  • Displays the guest room type photo
  • Immediately immerse your guests in your branding from the first touch point along their journey with you
  • Using conditions, emails support custom content based on language, family, repeat guest and more

View sample confirmation emails below.

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails

Guest Confirmation


Timely messages to guests based on profiles

  • Send a pre-arrival planning note to all guests 1 month, 1 week or even days prior to their check-in
  • Target guests based on room type or reason for travel (leisure, business)

View sample pre-arrival emails below.

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails


Keep your guests updated

  • Keep your guests up to date with any changes to their reservation
  • Control what triggers modification emails to be sent to each guest
  • Let your guests know about cancellations

View sample check-in emails below.

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails

The planning continues with the Mobile Concierge

Help your guests with travel planning and up-sell your hotel services
View a sample

Key benefits of the Mobile Concierge

Our hospitality CRM software instantly works on all mobile devices and desktop computers. Let your guests use their own devices and eliminate App clutter.

The design and content are unique to your hotel and region. Our Producers work closely with you to ensure your brand identity is maintained.

Concierge listings can be displayed based on your roomMaster fields such as language, family or room types. Note: Limited support of multiple languages.

The itinerary gets updated with their travel requests, your hotel events and even events happening in your local market.

Get their feedback and encourage social sharing


Get their feedback before they revert to social media

  • The guest satisfaction survey works on all mobile devices ensuring high completion rates and accessibility
  • Determine the timing for the survey based on your guests’ needs
  • Ask any type of questions and present dependency questions based on user input
  • Informative reporting and time saving templates for quick guest responses


Allow guests to seamlessly post to TripAdvisor and other online review portals

  • Upon completion of the survey, the guest is prompted to post to TripAdvisor in the same window
  • No login or registration from the guest is required
  • The email associated with the reservation is used as a username to post to TripAdvisor
  • All reviews are posted on the TripAdvisor website as well as to the Guestfolio Dashboard
  • Informative reporting for quick responses

View sample TripAdvisor reviews from Guestfolio below.

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails

Invite your guests to book direct


Targeted automated emails that reach out to guests only if they don’t have a future reservation

  • Modify and build unlimited automated emails with an easy to use interface
  • Invite OTA guests to book direct with you next time
  • Target guests by region to invite them back again next month or in 3 months
  • Automatically invite corporate guests to book a leisure stay this season

View sample BringBack examples below.

Click the tabs to view example confirmation emails


Build and monitor your newsletter campaigns

  • One platform to manage your data, campaigns, graphics and reporting
  • Always up-to-date, no more export and upload each time
  • Build a ‘list’ once and watch it update with every new reservation
  • Choose from multiple templates in our email builder, Studio, to create beautiful, branded, mobile-friendly emails in minutes

Newsletter campaign features unique to Guestfolio

What sets us apart – no more monkey business

Real time integration with roomMaster ensures that your guest data is merged and always up to date with our CRM software for hotels.

Choose from our pre-built and tested mobile ready newsletter templates. Add your branding and hit send.

Real time ROI reporting shows you exactly which guests received your campaign AND booked a stay with you. It’s data you’ve never seen before.

Best in class. We’ve developed our newsletter editor from the ground up for hoteliers.

Examples of what our clients are sending

Know your guests with guest profiles

Up to date reservation data – past, present and future at your fingertips

Access guests’ social profiles and learn more about their interests and reasons for travel

Track guest engagement through guest feedback, email delivery and up-sell requests

Send targeted marketing campaigns based on your guests’ interests

Why Guestfolio?

Performance measured on 500 hotels and 1,500,000 total emails delivered monthly to guests over 365 days




Resulting in


OTA commission saved each month (based on 1,000 reservations)
What we deliver

1. Merge and protect your guest data

2. Increase TripAdvisor reviews

3. Automate your guest engagement and marketing

4. Increase guest spend per stay

5. Mobile ready

6. Cloud based dashboard for reporting and monitoring

What's Unique

1. Integrated hotel CRM software means your data is stored in one place and all guest communications are managed and monitored

2. Guestfolio continuously adds profile information to your guest profiles such as interests, clicks, requests, social media accounts and guest photos

3. World’s Leading Hotel CRM Technology Provider 2014

What's Included

1. Training and support is always free

2. New hotel CRM software upgrades are added at no cost for the life of your contract

3. Industry best practices. You benefit from input from other hoteliers

4. No commission for room upgrade and Mobile Concierge requests

Everything at your finger tips - in real time

If you're not having a conversation with the guest,the OTAs are

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