Tips on how to successfully promote your hotel app and engage your guests 


The contactless era is here. 


With the pandemic impacting countless industries around the world, the adaptation and implementation of new ways to function have been of great importance, especially in the travel industry.  


There has been an acceleration in the adoption of contactless technologies within the hotel industry, as less physical contact between guests and hotel staff means safer operations for all involved. 


Even as things slowly ease into normalcy, contactless technology isn’t going to go away. Consumers have quickly come to embrace the convenience.  


80% of travelers have indicated they would download a hotel app if offered.  


It’s also a tool for businesses to free up their employees for other tasks.  


You have the app; so now what?  


A core objective with apps like this is gaining the attention of the guest prior to check in and familiarizing them with the interface of the app.  


This can be done by promoting it online through promotions and/or rewards – essentially utilizing any and all platforms that the guest may use to search for more information on the hotel itself prior to arrival.  


Promote, promote, promote!  


As mentioned, promoting the app successfully can be done in many ways 


This could be by promoting it on the hotel website or running promotions for it on social media.  


When promoting it on social media, it is best to entice the guest by mentioning special offers that are exclusively available for app users, encouraging more downloads. 


Another notable way of promoting the app would be to mention it on the confirmation email sent to the guest after their booking is completed – stating that it is available for download now 


You can also add an incentive. For example, if they download it prior to their check-in date, they may be entitled to a reward, or something complimentary upon arrival.  


Online presence will only go so far, so it is crucial to also catch the guest’s attention at the front desk and inform them of the app and the value it holds.  


Ensure that the front desk agents are well versed on the app, and invite the guests to download it, letting them know that all the information they may need during their stay is available at a click of a button on their own phone.  


Contactless technology – a staple within the industry  


It’s safe to say that contactless technology has become a major player within the hotel industry and will continue to benefit hotels long after the pandemic is over.  


Hotel mobile appoffer the best opportunities to connect directly with guests and offer all relevant information in one place, so it’s no wonder why they’re becoming so sought after.  


QuickInn – InnQuest’s full featured hotel app, is the way of the future 


InnQuest’s QuickInn hotel app allows for key services such as express check-in, keyless entry, property and area details and optional upgrades, all at the touch of one’s fingertips.  


With fewer contact points, but the same excellent service they are used to, guests are awarded the luxury of a safe, zero contact stay, while prioritizing the health of both themselves and hotel employees.  


By having an app that’s truly interactive, guest engagement is also able to increase significantly. With this app, hotels can communicate efficiently with guests prior to, and during their stay. Guest satisfaction is guaranteed with the press of a button. 


This personalized communication tool also allows the opportunity to connect with guests. It also gives hotels many more opportunities to offer upsells throughout the guest’s stay. 


Learn more about QuickInn and how having an app like this is revolutionizing the contactless tech industry.


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