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How to Attract Bleisure Travelers to Your Property and Keep Them Coming Back

August 14th, 2021 Lisa Livingston General, Hospitality Trends, Marketing

Remote work has taken over many industries, but at a certain point, workers have gotten tired of being cooped up in their homes. As a result, the ‘bleisure’ trend, otherwise known as a workation, has only gotten stronger, with many hotels seeing long-term stays for workers simply looking for a change of scenery while staying… (more)

How To Promote Your Hotel App

May 27th, 2021 Stefano Mocella General, Hospitality Technology

  Tips on how to successfully promote your hotel app and engage your guests.     The contactless era is here.    With the pandemic impacting countless industries around the world, the adaptation and implementation of new ways to function have been of great importance, especially in the travel industry.     There has been an acceleration in the adoption of contactless technologies within the hotel industry, as less physical contact between guests and hotel staff means safer operations for all… (more)

Four things hoteliers can do to increase direct bookings

May 4th, 2021 Stefano Mocella General, Online Bookings

If there’s one question hoteliers ask themselves every day, it’s: “how can I increase direct hotel bookings?”. And that’s understandable because ‘beating’ the online travel agents (OTAs) feels like an impossible task… …until you realise that it isn’t really a battle. Seriously – in order to gain more direct bookings as a hotelier, you need to view this industry… (more)

Advantages of Cloud Computing for the Hotel Industry

April 12th, 2021 Kent Howard Cloud PMS, General

You’ve probably already heard you’ll benefit significantly from cloud computing as an independent hotelier. This past year shed even more light on just how advantageous the cloud is over storing data on-premise. In 2019, just 24% of hotels in the U.S. were using a cloud PMS system. However, that number is growing by the day…. (more)

We didn’t stop during lockdown: How InnQuest has prepared for UK hospitality’s relaunch

March 31st, 2021 Stefano Mocella General

It’s been a frustrating few months for the hospitality industry. As the UK entered a lockdown in late 2020, there was very little indication of when the industry would be able to start trading again.  In February, the government finally unveiled their road map out of lockdown, giving hoteliers and industry professionals an idea of what to expect… (more)

5 Reasons To Change Your PMS System In 2021

It’s finally happening.   The hospitality industry is finally set to bounce back following a seemingly never-ending lockdown. Now that the industry is heading for its recovery phase, it’s time to reassess the tools you’ve used to run your operation – and see if you can do better.  If your PMS had already been showing signs of weakness pre-Covid,… (more)

5 ways to raise guest engagement at your independent hotel

March 4th, 2021 Mark Ellis General

If you run an independent hotel, guest engagement is essential. You’ll want to build a relationship with your customers so that they remain loyal after their first visit. The advantage you have in running an independent hotel, is that you can truly provide some unique engagement that guests are unlikely to get with larger hotel… (more)

The 5 funniest things left in hotel rooms – and how you should deal with them

February 16th, 2021 Mark Ellis General

As the old saying goes, what happens in hotel rooms stays in hotel rooms… Looking after countless guests over the years inevitably leaves hotel employees with some amusing stories over what they’ve encountered in their experiences. Inevitably there are days when all you can do is have a good laugh about it. It’s perfectly normal… (more)

BookingSuite to discontinue WebDirect, BookingButton and RateIntelligence as hoteliers search for booking engines

October 7th, 2020 Stefano Mocella General, Latest News, Online Bookings

Hoteliers were taken aback earlier this year when, a world renowned online travel agency for lodging reservations, announced that BookingSuite, one of their units, would be discontinuing WebDirect, BookingButton and RateIntelligence. All three platforms will be discontinued, effective November 30th, 2020.  That leaves hotels with just a couple more months to find a suitable… (more)