Hoteliers are constantly seeking ways to optimize occupancy rates and maximize revenue. While online travel agencies (OTAs) offer a valuable platform to reach a wider audience, managing multiple OTA channels can be challenging.  

Recognizing the need for efficient operations, InnQuest introduces Stayfull, a robust channel manager designed for modern hoteliers. Stayfull empowers you to excel in OTA and Global Distribution System (GDS) management, achieving maximum occupancy with style. 

The Challenge of Managing Booking Channels 

Managing reservations across various online travel agencies (OTAs) and GDS platforms can be a time-consuming, error-prone task. Hoteliers often face challenges such as: 

Double Booking/Overbooking: With reservations flowing in from various OTAs, it’s easy to lose track of availability, leading to guest dissatisfaction and operational disruptions, it’s important to mention that according to Noone & Lee’s study, this experience  can have  a negative  effect  on both  the hotel’s  reputation  and immediate, not to mention the potential loss of  future revenue from  discontent customers who  will not  book again  to  stay at  the hotel. 

Inconsistent Pricing and Availability: Maintaining consistent rates and room statuses across different channels can be a complex challenge, potentially causing lost bookings and damage to the hotel’s reputation. 

Inefficient Communication: Communicating with various OTAs and GDS providers for rate updates, cancellations, and other matters can be inefficient and unproductive. 

Stayfull: The Ultimate Booking Channel Integrator 

Stayfull emerges as the ideal solution to these challenges. This integrated platform seamlessly interfaces with leading OTAs and GDS platforms, empowering hoteliers to: 

Centralize Bookings: Manage all OTA and GDS reservations through a single, unified interface, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. 

Real-Time Inventory Updates: Automatically synchronize room availability across all channels, preventing double booking and ensuring guests receive accurate information. 

Consistent Pricing Strategy: Establish and maintain uniform pricing across all OTA and GDS channels, maximizing revenue with strategic consistency. 

Streamlined Communication: Maintain clear and continuous communication with OTAs and GDS providers, ensuring efficient management of rates and bookings. 

What is a GDS? 

A Global Distribution System (GDS) is an online network that allows travel agents and online travel agencies (OTAs) to book hotels on behalf of their business customers. By connecting to the GDS through Stayfull, your reach extends far beyond just channel management, opening doors to a highly profitable segment of the travel industry. 

How Does Stayfull Work with GDS? 

  • Reservation Made Through GDS: When a reservation is made via a GDS platform connected to Stayfull, the system automatically: 
  • Reduces inventory across all connected channels (OTAs and other GDS platforms). 
  • Simplified GDS Management: Stayfull connects to the world’s most prominent GDS platforms, eliminating the need to manage each one individually. 
  • Direct Sabre Synxis Connection: Stayfull offers a direct connection to Sabre Synxis, a widely used platform that provides access to all major GDS channels. 

The Importance of GDS and OTA Presence 

The rise of OTAs and GDS bookings has significantly changed the hotel industry. Your property must have a strong presence with both online booking agents and GDS platforms to compete and attract a wider range of guests. 

By leveraging Stayfull’s channel management solution, you can streamline your booking operations, ensure consistent pricing and availability across all channels, and maximize occupancy to achieve your business goals.