It’s thought that the shift to cloud computing among American businesses will amount to over $1.3 trillion in IT spend by 2022.

That huge figure should come as no surprise. Cloud platforms are now commodities in many industries – the hospitality industry included.

Despite this, there’s still some nervousness among hoteliers when it comes to moving from an on-premise property management system to a cloud-based alternative.

This is understandable, but the resilience offered by the cloud has never been more important. Here’s why it could transform your hotel business.

You’ll never worry about data loss again

Data loss is a major concern for any business, but the cloud guarantees that your data is always available, even if you have hardware problems on-site at the hotel.

In fact, the term ‘disaster recovery’ is rendered largely irrelevant if you’re running your hotel software in the cloud, because it simply isn’t going anywhere!

It’ll mobilize your team, right when they need it most

The best cloud-based platforms work across a variety of devices. For instance, that means you can access your reservations from your tablet and break free from your workstation.

As demonstrated during the Covid pandemic, cloud-based apps come to the rescue when the team has to temporarily work remotely, by providing them with the tools they need, wherever they happen to be. This will give hotels the flexibility to let employees work remotely, or work remotely themselves, should they need to.

It’ll scale as fast as you do

If your hotel business is growing, you need technology that can come along for the ride.

On-premise systems often need to be updated to account for business growth, but the cloud scales at the same rate you do, which can significantly reduce costs and periods of downtime.

Data security will always be ahead of the curve

Relying on your own in-house IT security is challenging because it involves continually updating antivirus software and device operating systems.

Moving to the cloud won’t alleviate the need to think security-first entirely, but it will mean that the most important data you deal with is secured on servers that are equipped to deal with the latest forms of cybercrime.

It’ll help you gain control of your overheads

Gone are the days of big, expensive up-front implementation costs and high recurring support fees.

The cloud isn’t only scalable, secure and mobile – it’s highly cost-effective, too. Most cloud platforms are offered at a reasonable monthly fee which can be easily accounted for and which typically includes upgrades, too.

Wrapping up

The reasons for moving to the cloud are mounting.

It won’t happen overnight for many hotels, and their concerns about moving away from an on-premise solution are understandable. The PMS does, after all, sit at the heart of every successful hotel.

Have we tempted you to make the move sooner rather than later?


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