Riley Hotel Group Profile

Riley Hotel Group, a top Hotel Management company with more than 12 years of industry expertise, operates a diversified portfolio of high-end boutique, independent, mid-scale, and full-service hotels as well as historic bed and breakfast guest houses. 

Under the able leadership of President Joe Moffa, Riley Hotel Group has grown to include over 400 associates, and manages 17 hotels as of now, with additional properties planned for the near future. Over the years, Joe and his team have received numerous awards from organizations like the Hilton Corporation and InterContinental Hotels.

Joe began his career early in the hospitality industry as a food & beverage specialist at the young age of 12. He also worked as a competent general & regional manager when Snavely Hotels and Janus Hotels & Resorts were being expanded.

Riley Hotel Group Property Management Challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Riley Hotel Group, like many other hospitality businesses, had to adapt quickly to the situation. As a result of social distancing norms and remote working policies, several challenges surfaced for the team members.

However, with InnQuest’s constant support and backup, the Riley Hotel Group was able to ensure exceptional standards across all properties. 

InnQuest’s Solutions

Ever since the Riley Hotel Group signed on their first independent property in 2006, they have been using InnQuest’s roomMaster property management software. Throughout the years, they have added many independent boutique properties at different levels of services and of different sizes. InnQuest has continually provided exceptional support during this entire time along with multiple value-added benefits, to help the Riley Hotel Group diversify its portfolio.

Why Did the Riley Hotel Group Choose InnQuest?

The Riley Hotel Group has been using InnQuest’s solutions for more than a decade now. After doing a careful assessment of the property management systems available, the Riley Hotel Group found our system to be the most user-friendly & feature-rich. WebBook™, the Booking Engine integration of InnQuest, has helped them convert more direct bookings to their properties. It is customizable, integrates seamlessly, and enables the addition of extra selling features. 

“With WebBook, the seamless integration is the biggest plus factor. It keeps all your inventories in balance so that you have better control of them. It saves time for sure, and also makes everyday tasks a lot easier to manage.”

Also, the intuitive dashboard and detailed property insights and reports provided by InnQuest’s award-winning software are greatly appreciated by the Riley Hotel Group staff –

“We love the Dashboard feature, which is the first thing that appears and displays everything that you need to know.”

Friendly Support

Riley Hotel Group thinks highly of the customer support that InnQuest has provided them. During the COVID pandemic, they had to make quick adjustments to run operations efficiently. InnQuest’s team offered exemplary technical support throughout this transition period. Monthly newsletters and webinars containing useful advice & best practices also helped Riley Hotels greatly in recovering after the pandemic.

“I think what stands out the most about roomMaster is the level of support we have received. They take the feedback of their customers, and they work with their development team on it. They also offer insights and a clear view of what they can do for us.”

Wrapping up

As of now, all of the properties managed by the Riley Hotel Group make use of roomMaster to manage daily operations efficiently. Using InnQuest’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based PMS, they ensure a personalized service for every guest across all associated properties. The availability of roomMaster Anywhere on mobile devices has been significantly beneficial for them even in the post-pandemic era. Plus, InnQuest’s proactive client support has helped them immensely in adjusting to guest needs.

“They go above and beyond, they listen to what your concern is, and will go to the next level to help with any problem.”


About InnQuest

InnQuest Software was founded in 1994 with a belief that guests deserve an excellent hospitality experience and hoteliers deserve a management system that would allow them to maximize the guest experience and property operations. InnQuest and its many hotel management products, including roomMaster, have evolved with guests’ expectations and the available technologies to serve them better. Today, InnQuest provides first-class hospitality technology to more than 5,500 properties in 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.