Seaboard Hotels’ Profile

Seaboard Hotels has been delivering clean, comfortable accommodations coupled with warm friendly customer service to our beach resort guests. ThSeaboard team works hard every day at all of our properties to deliver a hotel experience that is enjoyable and memorable. As a family owned and operated hotel group, Seaboard takes a great deal of pride in the product they deliver to their guests. Their motto is simple and honest, “Friendliness and Cleanliness.”  

For over 40 years, their staff has run by this simple philosophy to deliver a hotel experience that makes first time guests long term customers and friends.  

Seaboard Hotels holds four beautiful locations, all of which run roomMaster as their property management system of choice. 

Watch an interview with Seaboard Hotels’ President and Chief Executive, Alex Moore, below:


The Avenue (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) 

The Avenue Inn

The Avenue is rated in the top 20 of all U.S. hotels on TripAdvisor, offering exceptional customer service and first-class accommodations, making them the reoccurring choice for guests. 

Atlantic View (Dewey Beach, Delaware) 

Atlantic View Hotel

The Atlantic View offers a beautiful ocean view at Dewey Beach, DE, coupled with our exceptionally clean rooms and exceedingly friendly service.  

Rehoboth Beach View (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) 

Rehoboth Hotel Beach View Hotel

Rehoboth Beach View offers convenience, value, and amenities, all from a premium location with easy access to Rehoboth Beach’s attractions.

 Surf Side Hotel (Nags Head, North Carolina) 

Surfside Hotel

The Surf Side Hotel is the ideal hotel choice for visitors who are truly looking to take advantage of all that the Outer Banks has to offer.  

Being that Seaboard is a relatively small group that’s family owned, they manage to maintain high standards in guest experience and operations at all their locations.  

We adhere to a common set of principles at all our locations, says Alex Moore, President & CEO of Seaboard Hotels. “They’re all thoughtfully designed spaces, and we offer caring service that’s friendly and efficient. Ultimately we offer value to our guests that exceeds expectations.”  

Property Management Challenges 

In order to run all of their locations with the same level of efficiency, it was important for Seaboard to find one solution that could help their properties maintain the same standards that the company has implemented since its founding. 

While it has been a long time since Seaboard Hotels wasn’t using roomMaster, Moore can recall the timeconsuming process of keeping track of reservations manuallySo there were certainly challenges for both the front and back office. 

When Seaboard was looking for the all-encompassing hotel management solution all those years ago, they did briefly implement another platform for one of their properties. However, there were problems that persisted with other management systems. The main problem Moore can recall was tracking reservations, as the system was susceptible to human error and affected productivity. 

In order to achieve business continuity and ensure standards were upheld across every property, Seaboard decided to use roomMaster exclusively. 

InnQuest’s Solutions 

Seaboard has been a long-standing InnQuest client, first implementing roomMaster 25 years ago. The property management system was first used to manage Seaboard’s Surf Side hotel location and was chosen primarily for its functionality and ease of use. 

So after all these years, why has Seaboard chosen to continue choosing roomMaster? 

“It supplies all the operational and revenue optimization tools that we need to make our locations run smoothly,” says Moore 

It’s also a matter of the people at InnQuest that keeps this working relationship with Seaboard going. Moore, believes a combination of several factors keep him working with InnQuest. 

“It’s really a combination between the operational ease of use, training, the functionality of the program itself, coupled with the service we receive really makes it a winning combination.

Since roomMaster runs across all of the company’s properties, Seaboard has been able to create a collaborative environment. Property managers across the board can communicate with each other and the corporate office has easy access to all reports.  

“By having roomMaster running across all our properties, it really simplifies our accounting and revenue optimization efforts.” 

Solutions & Best Practices Outcomes 

As Seaboard began using more and more of roomMaster’s functionalities, they saw a steady improvement in revenue generation. Seaboard began using roomMaster’s Events and Yield Management functions more aggressively in 2018. Prior to Covid-19, the properties all experienced revenue growth of at least 7% every year using roomMaster’s yield management feature. 

The yield management function also happens to be Moore’s favorite function due to the ‘set it and forget it’ approach his managers can take. 

In addition to the solutions roomMaster has brought to his properties, Moore also has noticed a vast improvement in managing guest stays using GuestfolioInnQuest’s powerful CRM system. 

Using Guestfolio, Seaboard has managed to upgrade the guest experience, thanks to Guestfolio’s automated letters, guest surveys and review functions that work together seamlessly. Prior to using a CRM system, each stage of a guest’s visit had to be managed manually and separately, which made it difficult to ensure a guest’s satisfaction at every stage of their visit. 

“From the start of the booking process to arrival and departure to post-visit, the process is all automated, says Moore. “The staff appreciates its functionality and ease of use.”  

Friendly Support  

With Seaboard choosing roomMaster as its PMS system for 25 years, Seaboard has gotten plenty of time to get to know the team at InnQuest. While the software itself plays a huge role in this relationship continuing, it’s about more than just the software.  

The quality of service Seaboard receives year after year is a big reason why they continue to work with InnQuest. Even as the company has grown over the years, Moore still feels that InnQuest has maintained its level of service.  

“The customer service is fantastic,” says Moore. “Talking to the same people year after year is wonderful, I feel like we’ve built these tremendous relationships with the people at InnQuest. The responsiveness whenever we’ve had needs or concerns, is outstanding. 

About InnQuest 

InnQuest Software was founded in 1994 with a belief that guests deserve an excellent hospitality experience and hoteliers deserve a management system that would allow them to maximize the guest experience and property operations. InnQuest and its many hotel management products, including roomMaster, have evolved with guests’ expectations and the available technologies to serve them better. Today, InnQuest provides first-class hospitality technology to more than 5,500 properties in 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.