Out of all the 2019 hotel marketing trends, there are some that are being called the “next big thing” regarding boosting your property’s revenue. However, when attempting to decide which marketing trends will work for your property how do you make the right decision? Check out our top marketing trends for 2019, and then see what you can do to knock your revenue out of the park by implementing a few of these strategies. 

Instagram Stories:

A few years ago, Instagram was a place where millennials went to show off the latest fashion trends, and the ever-popular duck face pose. But over the past couple of years Instagram has given itself a rather business accommodating facelift. Instagram Stories are now allowing hoteliers to post short one-minute videos of their properties to showcase their best features. The use of Instagram Stories is genius for many reasons: Not only do potential guests get a glimpse into the property and how beautiful it is, but if the right shots are included, guests are also privy to the activities happening around the property. What better way to boost revenue than to outline daily activities? With over 400 million daily users that is a lot of potential guests! 

TripAdvisor Acts as Social Media:

TripAdvisor has rapidly become the largest online review site for travelers. Through their booking engine, guest photo upload capability, and of course their extensive online reviews guests consider them to be a one-stop shop for all their travel planning. TripAdvisor’s new social medial platform Travel Feed acts like Facebook, Yelp and a favorite social media newsfeed all in one. When travelers log into their TripAdvisor account they can follow accounts to see relevant content from friends, media partners, and brands. With professional looking photos from the likes of GoPro and National Geographic posting images to Travel Feed, travelers are sure to be watching this site closely when planning their next vacation. 

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is becoming popular in the hotel industry among young travelers because they are easily influenced by others social media posts and photos. Millennials often make travel destination decisions based on social media suggestions. So, as a hotelier, it’s a great idea to have a social media influencer on payroll if for no other reason than to encourage younger guests to book with you. 

Visual Search Engines:

Visual Search Engines are relatively new to the search engine arena, but they are widely popular among hoteliers. Instead of traditional searches using text, guests can search using an image.  These images can be taken from a phone’s camera or uploaded from a device or computer. Visual searches are like magic because the search engine can quickly figure out what it is the guest is looking for and returns only relative results. The awesome feature of visual searching is that even if the guest has no idea what the name of your property is, a visual search can find it. It probably goes without saying how valuable that information can be. 

Take One, Take Two, Take A Video:

Video marketing is great at many things; but one thing that it does better than any other marketing is eliciting an emotional response in your audience. 93% of all marketers claim that they gain new clients when posting videos on their social media accounts. Through the use of vlogs (video blogs), guest reviews, and of course, regular video advertising, videos may be the next big thing when promoting your property.


With emerging marketing technology available, it is easy to get lost with what avenue to take. Sometimes all you need is an excellent booking engine like WebBook, or an integration like Flip.to that turns your guests into social media influencers to boost your property’s revenue and popularity.  However, your goal shouldn’t be to just boost your rating, it should be to create unique guest experiences that produce lasting memories. Contact our Sales Team today to find out how you can start your own marketing trends that will elevate your property to the next level. 


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