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Social Media for Hotels: 6 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook and Instagram Posts

September 9th, 2021 Kent Howard Hospitality Trends, Marketing

Since the travel industry is mainly recognized by visual appearances, there are many ways to market your property (both inside and outside) on social media. If you want your potential guests to take a second or third look at your property you must be able to evoke a response from them and what better way… (more)

Simple ways for hotels to upsell to guests

August 23rd, 2021 Stefano Mocella Hospitality Technology, Hospitality Trends, Marketing

The hotel industry has shown a lot of resilience in adjusting to a fluid situation over the past 18 months. Occupancy rates likely won’t be what they were pre-Covid for quite a while, but hotels have adapted quite well in meeting new guest expectations. In fact, guests who are choosing to travel are likely doing… (more)

How to Attract Bleisure Travelers to Your Property and Keep Them Coming Back

August 14th, 2021 Lisa Livingston General, Hospitality Trends, Marketing

Remote work has taken over many industries, but at a certain point, workers have gotten tired of being cooped up in their homes. As a result, the ‘bleisure’ trend, otherwise known as a workation, has only gotten stronger, with many hotels seeing long-term stays for workers simply looking for a change of scenery while staying… (more)

Debunking your cloud PMS Fears  

  Over the last decade, the hospitality industry has undergone a significant transformation.     With the emergence of cloud-based hotel software solutions, the way hoteliers conduct their businesses has changed forever (and for the better).     A cloud-based PMS is the future of hotel management software. Not only does it streamline operations, but it also… (more)

Why your website needs to go mobile right now

Over the past decade, smartphones have revolutionized our lives and have become completely interconnected into our everyday routines, so much so that we barely even notice them at times.   From connecting with friends to shopping online, taking photographs or planning and booking a vacation, the opportunities are endless.   It’s because of this significance that hoteliers… (more)

Location, location, location: How to use destination marketing to boost occupancy

June 1st, 2021 Stefano Mocella Hospitality Trends, Marketing

  Take your marketing to a new level!   It’s easy to get caught up on focusing your efforts into making your hotel unique and offering something different to entice guests and increase booking numbers.   Obviously, those efforts are important, however the greatest influence on booking numbers is due to location – thus, destination promotion is key!   The goal is to promote your location as superior to alternatives in the area, highlighting why… (more)

How To Promote Your Hotel App

May 27th, 2021 Stefano Mocella General, Hospitality Technology

  Tips on how to successfully promote your hotel app and engage your guests.     The contactless era is here.    With the pandemic impacting countless industries around the world, the adaptation and implementation of new ways to function have been of great importance, especially in the travel industry.     There has been an acceleration in the adoption of contactless technologies within the hotel industry, as less physical contact between guests and hotel staff means safer operations for all… (more)

How To Make The Most Out Of The Summer Season

May 10th, 2021 Lisa Livingston Hospitality Trends, Marketing

There’s no doubt that this summer will be a very different one. Post COVID-19 pandemic, no one really knows what the ‘new normal’ is going to look like. But, that doesn’t mean hoteliers can’t make the most of the opportunities that will begin to present themselves as the world reopens for business. With summer rapidly approaching… (more)

Why cloud PMS systems are changing the hotel industry for the better

April 27th, 2021 Mark Ellis Hospitality Technology, Hospitality Trends, Hotel PMS

  It is certain that as the hotel industry prepares for a new era, needs are changing. Consider the transformation we’ve seen in just the past few years. With the rise of cloud-based PMS systems, hoteliers are saying goodbye to stacks of paper, and freeing up physical storage spaces in back offices to make room… (more)