As one of the humblest professions, the Hotel Concierge originated in France during the Middle Ages. In fact, the word Concierge is derived from a French saying, Comte Des Cierges which literally translates into “keeper of the candles”. Today this doesn’t seem like an overly complicated profession, but during the Middle Ages, the Keeper of the Candles was revered because they were entrusted with every key to the castle, and they earned the trust of the King.

What do guests want?

There are many ways to engage guests in today’s online-rich booking environment; but after securing the booking, many independent hoteliers are relying on guests to make their own activity plans and dining reservations. In fact, most independent hoteliers believe that Hotel Concierge Services are gradually becoming a thing of the past; but are they? According to CNN travel, over 44% of all travelers still utilize some form of concierge service.  Doctors’ offices are using mobile appointments and check-in kiosks, hair salons refer guests to their websites or apps to book a haircut appointment, and restaurants allow guests to submit their party’s name prior to arriving for dinner. Concierge type services have become so commonplace, that even modern-day technology providers are making concierge type services available through intelligent platforms like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assist. It stands to reason then, that to keep up with the ever-changing concierge demand, hoteliers should be providing some form of concierge service to all their guests.

The Dos & Don’ts

While hotel concierge services are not always the best solution in every situation, they can be used for uncomplicated requests or appointments. Here are some concierge Dos and Don’ts. Concierge Dos:  Book reservations, Schedule spa services, Schedule transportation from airport. Concierge Don’ts: Book a babysitter, Recommend doctors/hospitals, Suggest loan sharks or bookies.

To maximize your visibility in the world of concierge services, a reliable Customer Relationship Management tool like Cendyn’s Guestfolio is the perfect way to add a concierge function to your property, without adding the expense of additional staff. This modern and easy to use CRM offers a Mobile Concierge feature allowing guest interaction throughout the entire guest stay. Onsite restaurant reservations, group activities, spa appointments, and ground transportation to or from the airport are no problem with this intelligent and mobile friendly feature. With the click of a button inside the dashboard, the General Manager, or a member of the hotel’s staff, can approve, reject, or propose alternatives to your guests’ requests. For example, if the property’s restaurant is closed on Monday evenings, you’re able to redirect your guest to another date and time within the dashboard without taking the loss in revenue.

The Mobile Concierge feature can also assist hoteliers when scheduling staff, because guests can book activities in advance. With advance activity scheduling available to guests through pre-arrival emails, General Managers can ensure a remarkable guest experience, by enlisting adequate staff to accommodate all activities. With the latest trends focusing on guest experiences that increase guest engagement, this could be the answer hoteliers have been looking for. After all, building your property’s brand image doesn’t have to take a traditional approach.  Through mobile technology, hotels can attract millennials, Generation X and Y’ers alike.

Hotel concierge services were once reserved for the elite, powerful, and wealthy; but today concierge services are available to every brand and budget.  With hospitality trends moving toward customized experiences and building brand loyalty, how is your property acclimating to the growth? By providing a direct integration via roomMaster to Cendyn’s Guestfolio, it gives hoteliers a leg-up in providing concierge services that lead to outstanding guest experiences. Remember all guests deserve to be treated like royalty.


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