With consumers having spent $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2019, it’s safe to say that hoteliers may be leaving a ton of money on the table when it comes to this holiday typically known for grandiose proposals, chocolates, and candy hearts. The truth is, Valentine’s Day is a great way to maximize your property’s unique guest experience, while offering a great promotion. Guests are looking for romance, so with a little thought, and some creativity, you can create an experience that highlights unique features of your property, while catering to your guests in true romantic fashion. Here are some ideas our friend Cupid gave us to help you show that love is in the air at your property. 

Endearing Deals

Valentine’s Day deals don’t always have to be about candy hearts, chocolates, and sweet-smelling roses. As a hotelier you have an amazing opportunity to offer your guests great deals to go along with your Valentine’s Day room promotions. Perhaps a great way to attract couples is to offer an irresistible romantic weekend getaway package including room, champagne upon arrival, basket of cheese and crackers, and a spa treatment. The point is to create package deals that fit your property. In addition, if your hotel has an onsite restaurant, you can create a Valentine’s Day menu as part of your special romantic getaway. 

Sweet Social Media Posts

We all know that almost everyone has a social media account today, which is why your Valentine’s Day promotions should be included in your social media blasts throughout the last couple of weeks of January and into the first two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can develop a story around why your property is the best place to spend the holiday with your significant other and how you’ll be able to make this a day to remember.

Using imagery, you can create the perfect romantic look for your property enticing guests to book your Valentine’s Day promotional package. In fact, to take this a step further, ask your guests to post their experiences on social media too so that their experiences can be shared with their friends and family to create a buzz around the unique characteristics your property contains. Here are just a few examples of how to create social media buzz around your Valentine’s Day specials: 

  • Use hashtags to create an online contest to win prizes at the property upon check in
  • Highlight your property as the #1 couple’s romantic getaway destination; shoot images of your property in the best light and watch the bookings flow 
  • Create a blog for your social media post outlining a couple’s story 
  • Create a video of what is awaiting your guests upon their romantic getaway arrival

Unbelievable Upgrades

With spending expected to increase for this year’s Valentine’s Day, what better way as a hotelier to capitalize on this than to offer upgrades to your guests as part of their Valentine’s Day package? For example, you could include gift baskets, in room services like couples’ massage, or a romantic dinner setup, but more importantly you can use this opportunity to offer your guests a room upgrade.

With software like UpSellGuru it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Guests can bid on room upgrades creating a more unique guest experience for themselves, as well as generating a little extra revenue for your property.  

Finishing Up

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day whereas hoteliers you wonder if you’re going to have full occupancy; you can make it happen with these few little tips and tricks. There’s enough love to share, and when you have tools like these at your disposal- you can share the love with your guests this Valentine’s Day too.


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