roomMaster: A PMS scaled to your needs


Whether you manage 10 rooms or 1,000+, your guests always expect one thing: a great experience. roomMaster provides you with intuitive software that fits your needs so you can cost-effectively manage every facet of your business to satisfy your guests and optimize your property’s profitability.

Key Features

  • Front Desk

    Made Efficient. Easily manage reservations, walk-ins, share-withs, check-in, check-out, and postings from one screen.

  • Revenue Management

    For Higher Profits. Optimize rates from any sector with powerful yield management tools and integrations.

  • Reservations

    Without uncertainty. Accurately forecast your occupancy with seamless integration of data from all booking sources.

  • Guest Profiles & History

    For superior experiences. Satisfy your customers during every visit with detailed stay histories and guest preferences

  • Group Management

    For Effortless Sales. Make booking parties, weddings, and corporate events easy for your sales teams and most profitable customers.

  • Housekeeping & Maintenance

    Cleanly Managed. Stay on top of room cleanings and maintenance requests with powerful desktop and mobile tools.

  • Sales & Marketing

    That Yields Insights. Tap into your property’s rich data and make better business decisions with 130+ system reports and customizable assessments.

  • Accounting

    Made simple.Handle multiple revenue streams, payments, taxes, and accounts with powerful bookkeeping and charts.

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