Intimacy, unique atmosphere the way to go as more hotels open

The hospitality industry was reopened roughly two months ago in the UK and as hotels open up, we’ve seen the boom of staycationers and domestic travellers. The desire for a getaway remains entrenched in consumers, as many are simply looking for an escape from the tumultuous year we’ve all experienced.

While international travel likely won’t rebound for quite some time, hotels that offer a unique experience can really distinguish themselves from the competition and pull more domestic guests in from the big chains. 

Boutique hotels can offer that intimacy and unique guest experience that big chains simply cannot. Let’s have a look at some boutique hotel themes that have recently emerged, as outlined by Hotel Speak.

Themed Rooms

This might have a throwback type feel to it, but as is the case in many industries, trends can in fact be cyclical in hospitality as well. Hotels that offer a different guest experience in each room with various themes, such as the wild west, under the sea or royalty suites offer fun and adventure. After all, these types of hotels can honestly promise their guests a different experience each time they book, all while receiving the great service they’ve come to expect. 


One commonality we see in the industry is old Victorian homes being turned into b&b businesses due to their massive size, extra rooms and those comforting qualities that remind guests of home. If in fact a hotelier has an old property to offer, then it serves them well to embrace it. Many of these establishments have stayed true to the era they came from. Antique furniture or clocks can offer guests something distinct that they just can’t get from generic chains.

Pop Culture

Whether you’re going on the premise of famous movies or iconic music artists, these boutique hotels certainly reach a passionate customer base. 

Some of these hotels really go the extra mile in ensuring the rooms all capture the motif of the movie highlighted. That doesn’t mean getting tacky with decor or plastering movie posters everywhere. Rather they capture the essence of a certain movie, tv show or song and offer guests a true escape from reality.

Going Global

This is a particularly interesting theme, especially given how limited travel is beyond borders. What if guests could get the experience of tourist hubs like Paris, Rome or New York City all in the confines of their room?

Boutique hotels have popped up with rooms modeled after real sites and places in the world’s most popular travel destinations. This is another unique way of offering guests a different experience each time they visit.

‘Haunted’ Hotels

While that phrase may sound like a reality show, it is in fact a trend of going for a haunted motif at a hotel. Oftentimes, these types of hotels are built on sites that are supposedly haunted and play off that brilliantly. Sometimes staff are hired specifically to interact with guests in a frightening fashion all to add to the experience. 

Wrapping Up

Whatever theme(s) a boutique hotel may choose to go with, it does indeed provide a significant advantage over big chains, where guests will more or less get the standard hotel experience. These boutique hotels on the other hand, can pique the interest of any guest and have an excellent opportunity to build a loyal customer base. 


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