The adage “you get out what you put in” couldn’t be more accurate in for hoteliers. In fact, a shift is happening in the hotel industry as hoteliers are quickly making cloud-based PMS systems their top choice. Typically, a cloud-based PMS system is the first choice for new hoteliers. However, small boutique hotels, medium sized properties and large full-service properties are coming to realize the benefits of investing in a cloud PMS.

Easy access is key

Do you often find yourself wondering what’s happening at the property when you get called away to an emergency? The cloud allows you to check on the property from wherever you are. Change rates, updating OTA availability, or checking on your favorites guests to ensure they’ve arrived safely are all possible with a cloud-based PMS. With the ‘working from home’ trend having emerged in 2020, moving to the cloud will help you stay connected and remain productive even if they’re not at the actual property.

Improved data security and reduced PCI burden

A cloud-based PMS allows you to protect your data while reducing your PCI exposure. Hoteliers are concerned these days with all the PCI acronyms. Phrases like PA-DSS/PCI compliance and certification can be scary, but with the cloud you can be sure that you have increased security and reduced PCI audit scope.  In fact, moving your PMS to a cloud-based system ensures the integrity of the database and reduces security breaches.

Compatibility issues are a thing of the past

When you have a cloud-based PMS, there is no longer a concern about what computers are compatible. All updates to cloud-based applications are done by Developers directly in the software.  This means that regardless of the device your staff members use to access the PMS software, they’re good to go! Desktop computers, laptops, or tablets; if there’s an Internet connection, the hardware will work.

Deployment is easy peasy

In regular on-premise PMS installations, it could easily take a month to go live. However, when your property elects the cloud, deployment for your property is a much quicker process. Your property can be up and running in a few days. Quicker and easier deployment times mean that you and your staff have more time to learn the software to better assist your guests.

Operational Expense versus capital expense

One thing is for certain; hoteliers, and IT professionals have only two options when it comes to software purchases. They can purchase the software outright (considered a capital expense), or they can obtain the software on a subscription (considered an operational expense). Cloud-based PMS systems are typically software as a service (or SaaS for short) that require only minimal monthly subscription payments. In addition, a cloud-based PMS only bills for the pieces used. Expenses are therefore scalable and capital budgets aren’t exhausted early in the year.

Final thought

In short, if you’re not using a cloud-based PMS to run your property, you could be saving a lot more than you think.  If you’ve been debating on whether a cloud-based PMS system is right for your property, contact our Sales Team today for your property evaluation.


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