Hoteliers of all property sizes and locations know the importance of a property management system (PMS). Whether they’re operating a small bed and breakfast, student housing, or a large branded chain, having a modern PMS will put you ahead of the game when it comes to running your property. When your property is utilizing a robust PMS, you are freed up to focus on creating the ultimate guest experience instead of being bogged down in technical hotel operations and paperwork. In fact, with the right PMS your property works for you, instead of you working for your property. Here are just a few reasons why we believe that a cloud PMS can be your biggest ally. 

Time with Your Guests Is Precious

With hoteliers wearing many different hats throughout the day, it can be confusing as to which hat you need to put on at any given time. A Cloud PMS helps streamline that for you. In fact, a robust hotel PMS like roomMaster quickly becomes the superstar of your property while you as the hotelier play the role of a sidekick who keeps the guests happy and calm. Consider the amount of time you and your staff spend on operational duties and how much more time you could be spending creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Remote Work Is Possible

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can be just as productive working remotely if we have the right tools at our disposal. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t have as many staff members present, a cloud PMS system will allow managers and front desk workers to take reservations, contact guests and stay updated from wherever they are. Being equipped with a cloud PMS allows for far more flexibility and removes many headaches that come with storing data in house.

Everyone Is Busy

We’ve already established that hoteliers are very busy people; but so are the other staff members at your property. The to-do lists are unending and there is always some catastrophic situation that derails an otherwise peaceful day. However, if you had an intuitive cloud PMS that was already capable of predicting oversells and providing you with an all-in-one solution to most all “hotel problems” the life as you know it would be a lot less busy. Think of it this way: A cloud PMS helps you to save time. You save time because you can login from anywhere, you can reduce guest complaints because you’re able to handle guest requests on the fly as opposed to meeting them at the front desk to handle their issue, and you can manage the back office tasks from wherever you are too. 

Your Guests Expect an Experience

In this world of online technology guests expect immediate gratification. They want to be sure that when they make an online reservation that all their preferences carry through to your property. Guests also want to be sure that your advertised pricing is the best they’re going to get, their rooms look like that which is advertised online, and the reviews meet or exceed their expectations. What better way to ensure these items than with a PMS that integrates with a direct booking engine, and a CRM tool that uploads to online review sites like TripAdvisor. 

There’s Always Better Technology Coming Along

The amazing thing about securing a cloud PMS for your property is that technology is always advancing. With cloud PMS systems, there are no complicated hardware options to purchase, but there are plenty of new features available all the time. As more companies develop integrations, it is simple to connect to them via Application Programming Interface (API) and these integrations can be done without any additional licenses to purchase. 

Wrapping Up

As hoteliers look for more ways to connect with their guests to create long-lasting experiences, modern and robust cloud PMS systems are becoming more popular. Because of the ease during the installation process of a cloud PMS, as well as the accessibility from outside the property location and the ever-growing feature list available, cloud PMS systems are rapidly becoming the top choice for hoteliers of any size. So, the only question you must ask yourself is: Why haven’t I switched to a cloud PMS to run my property?


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