The hotel industry has shown a lot of resilience in adjusting to a fluid situation over the past 18 months.

Occupancy rates likely won’t be what they were pre-Covid for quite a while, but hotels have adapted quite well in meeting new guest expectations.

In fact, guests who are choosing to travel are likely doing so because they’re craving an experience they’ve never had, with a newfound appreciation for the hospitality industry.

Hotels have been putting an increased emphasis on guest experience, and in turn, have found new ways to boost revenue. Upselling to your guests is crucial and there are plenty of opportunities to do it throughout their stay.

Upselling throughout the stay

As hotels attempt to recoup some lost revenue, upselling gains an even greater importance. Hotels can use a range of different services or features to upsell to their guests. In the current times, hotels will have to get a little creative in determining where they can upsell to guests. 

With effective guest communication, upselling doesn’t have to be limited to pre-check in. Opportunities to upsell can be found throughout a guest’s stay with the right tools and hotelier instincts.

Where can you upsell?

Room upgrades: This is a tried and tested way of boosting revenue with each guest stay. It also requires minimal effort with a proper online booking engine. Guests who book a standard room may be inclined to book a more luxurious room if they see an offer at a discounted rate. Tools like UpsellGuru can automate much of this process and boost your bottom line with little effort.

Food and beverage: If your property offers a food and beverage program, let guests know that they won’t have to go far to enjoy a good meal or unwind with a tasty beverage. You can encourage guests to begin their stay with a drink at the bar, or snack delivered to their room. 

Putting your best foot forward and presenting them with the options you offer can instantly boost revenue when they book with you, and may encourage guests to enjoy your f&b options more often throughout their stay.

Activities: When collecting guest data, keeping a record of their preferred activities could lead to more upsells for current and future stays.

Check with other businesses in your area to see where you can cross-promote. For example, if there is a winery near your property, see if they would offer a discount on a wine tasting through a referral from your hotel.

Wrapping Up

Upselling isn’t just about boosting revenue, but also ensuring that hotels are delivering the best possible guest experience.

Gathering data on guests can ensure that every stay at your hotel is specialized for their specific needs, which will in turn increase the chances of return bookings.


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