You’ve probably already heard you’ll benefit significantly from cloud computing as an independent hotelier.

This past year shed even more light on just how advantageous the cloud is over storing data on-premise. In 2019, just 24% of hotels in the U.S. were using a cloud PMS system. However, that number is growing by the day.

What are the advantages of cloud computing for the hotel industry?

Let’s answer the burning questions you might have on your mind:

Is cloud computing secure?

If you invest in a cloud Hotel Property Management System (PMS), then you won’t need to store any data onsite; it simply resides on a server elsewhere (it could even be in another country). It’s understandable this might cause you to experience some insecurities.

In reality, the opposite is true, because if you choose the right cloud-based Hotel PMS, then your operations will benefit from some of the best cybersecurity in the business. You’re unlikely to have enterprise-level security and firewalls, intrusion detection and industry-standard SSL encryption in-house, but the cloud PMS delivers all those protections for a fraction of the cost.

Is cloud computing reliable?

Definitely, and times are changing. Older, on-premise hotel PMS solutions are now being shifted to take advantage of cloud computing, helping improve basic, but important, common hotel operations situations, such as a line of people waiting to check in or out.

Cloud computing relies on a robust Internet connection and a device of your choosing. Even if your main Internet connection is interrupted, the flexibility of cloud applications means you can simply use your cellular-enabled tablet and continue to run your reception desk from the palm of your hand. Cloud computing allows you to work anywhere, anytime, securely, and reduces IT infrastructure and ongoing IT costs. In today’s connected world, cloud computing is fantastically reliable.

InnQuest considers these to be the top three advantages of cloud computing for the hotel industry:

  1. Lower operational costs
    There was once a time when every hotel PMS required a big server and hard-wired internal network to operate efficiently. With that level of complexity, a hefty support package from the vendor was usually a must, too. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing, as well as a tremendous benefit, is on-premise hardware requirements are substantially reduced, and you only need an Internet connection to access the app. Consequently, you won’t have to invest in unnecessary computing power and networking, nor will you be saddled with an expensive support contract.
  2. Improved guest experience thanks to mobility
    It’s easy to forget that your hotel PMS has two jobs. Firstly, it must provide the best suite of management tools for all members of your hotel staff; and, secondly, it must help you provide the best guest experience possible. Another advantage of cloud computing is it enables your staff members to work more efficiently by freeing them from fixed terminals. Check-ins aren’t limited to the reception desk, but can be managed from portable tablets; and the speed with which information can be accessed enables hotel staff to spend more time with guests to deliver great service.
  3. Remote working
    Hotel managers and back-office staff must occasionally work from home or leave the premises to complete specific tasks. With cloud computing, you can truly work from anywhere – a capability the hospitality industry has now shown it can accomplish. When your PMS can fit in the palm of your hand, however, or be accessed securely via your laptop at home, the world becomes your office and you’ll probably be much more productive as a result.

Concerned about switching? Don’t be!

Migrating to a cloud PMS is easier than you might think. Depending on the system from which you’re moving, a complete import of your data might be possible, and the ease with which such systems can be learned means staff adoption is unlikely to cause any problems or service interruptions.

Lastly, and, perhaps, most importantly, one of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is significantly less time is required for updates to be applied. Almost 100% uptime isn’t uncommon, and that enables you to enjoy the best capabilities and benefits your PMS provider offers without lengthy, disruptive update routines.


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