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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Message Your Guests On Mobile

October 9th, 2017 Christina M. General, Hospitality Trends, Marketing

When effectively used, mobile messaging allows travelers to effortlessly access and request key information and services, without phoning the hotel concierge, connecting to the hotel website, or rummaging through printed materials.

Designing Your Hotel For Great Guest Experiences

August 24th, 2017 Christina M. General, Hospitality Trends

Your guests are strongly influenced by the design of your property. Research shows that guests remember the look of the lobby and the feel of their room more than any other part of a hotel experience. Memorable experiences built around great design drive excellent reviews, higher sales at your property, repeat stays from happy guests,… (more)

How To Bring Great Design To Your Hotel Website

August 9th, 2017 Christina M. Hospitality Trends

Keep up with a generation of guests who are tech-savvy and design-focused. The new wave of millennial travelers value design more than any other generation before them. As technology natives, they bring high expectations to their interactions with businesses online. Studies show that millennials are 23% more likely to travel abroad than older generations, and… (more)

Why Guests Stay In A Boutique Hotel

July 14th, 2017 Christina M. Hospitality Trends

Defining what makes travelers flock to these buzzword hotels, and how to “bring out the boutique” for your guests. When Bill Kimpton opened the doors of his first hotel in 1981, he made the bed for the hospitality industry today.   By making guests feel at home as Kimpton grew his now-popular brand, he was… (more)

Hospitality Workplace Trends and Challenges

May 2nd, 2017 Christina M. Hospitality Trends

At the end of March 2017 Wyndham Rewards surpassed 50 million members worldwide, as reported by Lodging Magazine. It’s considered one of the best loyalty programs on the market and their numbers seem to support that position. Wyndham Rewards is one of many loyalty programs on the market, showing the trend in the industry towards… (more)