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A full featured hotel app

contactless check in app for mobile check-in/check-out, keyless entry and essential features like guest messaging, mobile bookings and more!

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Ultimate convenience, at your guests’ fingertips.

QuickInn is a branded mobile app for hotels to provide contactless check-in,
digital key and an enhanced guest experience.

This is your opportunity to deliver not just an expected guest experience, but one which will increase their loyalty to your brand and encourage return bookings.

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Features for the hotel


Full customization Customize the app to match your hotel’s brand and deliver a seamless experience for the guest from booking to check-in.

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roomMaster integration QuickInn is directly linked to the roomMaster PMS for real-time booking updates and seamless functionality.


Messaging Send automated pre-arrival notifications and messages during the guest’s stay. Personalize every message to stay connected with guests throughout their time with you.


Analytics Gain insight into guest behavior like never before and find out exactly where your revenue is coming from.

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Features for the guest

check in

Express check-in There really is no faster or more convenient way to check yourself in and avoid lining up at the front desk.


Zero contact With QuickInn, your guests can enjoy a completely contactless stay from check-in to room entry and check out.

keyless entry

Keyless entry Our secure app enables validated guests to unlock room doors with nothing more than their phone.

Location and events

Property and area details Put every important detail about your hotel and the area at the guest’s fingertip.


QuickInn will make an immediate, positive impact on your hotel business.

  • hotel concierge bellIncrease guest loyalty and return rates with your super-efficient experience
  • hotel concierge bellIncrease RevPAR with upsells to your contactless stay experience
  • hotel concierge bellImprove operational efficiency and gain more time for guest service
  • hotel concierge bellIncrease adoption of your loyalty program
  • hotel concierge bellImprove one-on-one communication with guests
QuickInn mobile app for hotels

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about QuickInn and its integration with the roomMaster PMS, simply fill in the form below and a member of our team will get right back to you. 

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