IDDEX ensures automation of business processes and brings concrete benefits to receptionists, clerks and any other employees who are required to manually fill in numerous forms with their client’s personal data. A single click and only few seconds are needed to complete registration process and automatically populate registration form with accurate data from scanned document.

Apart from making registration process simpler and faster, this modern and eco-friendly solution digitalises user experience and helps every business to personalise their client approach.

IDDEX enables automatic data transfer from scanned personal and travel documents into various business applications within a few seconds.

After scanning the document, IDDEX automatically recognises the document type and extracts data from the scanned image. All textual data together with the images are sent to the client application.

IDDEX does not store any data internally. It only transfers the data from scanned document into the application where the scanning process was started from. With no database IDDEX is an ideal tool for an integration with various third-party applications.