Are you ready to welcome guests to your cabin retreat this winter? As a cabin retreat owner or property host, we understand that providing unforgettable experiences for your guests is crucial to your success. That’s why we’re here to help you discover the best winter activities to offer at your retreat, ensuring your guests have a truly magical winter getaway. 


Explore the pristine wilderness surrounding your cabin retreat with snowshoeing. Encourage guests to search into the snowy wonderland by providing snowshoes and trail maps. You can even organize guided snowshoe tours to help them navigate the terrain and learn about the local flora and fauna. 

Cross-Country Skiing:

Immerse your guests in the serene beauty of the winter landscape with cross-country skiing. Create groomed trails, offer equipment rentals, and provide lessons for beginners. Cross-country skiing is an inclusive activity suitable for all ages and skill levels, making it a wonderful addition to your winter offerings. 

Ice Skating:

Embrace the classic winter pastime of ice skating at your cabin retreat. If you have a frozen lake or nearby ice rink, offer ice skate rentals to guests. You can even enhance the experience by setting up a bonfire, providing hot cocoa and marshmallows for a perfect après-skating treat. 


For guests seeking an exhilarating winter adventure, snowmobiling is the way to go. Partner with a local outfitter to provide snowmobile rentals and guided tours. Safety is paramount, so ensure your guests receive proper instruction, particularly if they are novice riders. Snowmobiling adds an element of excitement to your cabin retreat, attracting adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers. 

Wildlife Watching:

Winter is the perfect time for wildlife enthusiasts, with animals more visible against the snowy backdrop. Equip your cabins with binoculars and wildlife guides, encourage guests to observe the local fauna from the comfort of their cozy cabin or join guided wildlife tours. Provide tips on the best times and locations for spotting animals like deer, elk, and the elusive winter fox. 

Winter Photography:

Capture the beauty of the season and give your guests a chance to create lasting memories through visual storytelling. Organize photography workshops or tours led by local experts. Guests can learn photography skills while exploring the scenic surroundings of your cabin retreat. 

Snow Tubing:

Provide an exhilarating activity for guests of all ages with snow tubing. Set up groomed lanes on a tubing hill and offer inner tubes or snow saucers. It’s a simple yet thrilling activity that requires minimal skill and provides maximum fun. Safety measures should be in place to ensure a worry-free experience for your guests. 

Cozy Cabin Evenings:

Winter evenings at the cabin are all about warmth and relaxation. Create a cozy atmosphere with amenities like hot tubs, crackling fireplaces, board games, and a well-stocked library. Encourage guests to unwind, disconnect from the digital world, and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. 

Wrapping up

In conclusion, your winter cabin retreat can be a haven of relaxation and adventure. By offering a diverse range of winter activities, you can cater to a broad audience, from those seeking tranquility to those in search of thrills. Whether it’s exploring the wilderness on snowshoes, gliding through the snow on cross-country skis, or enjoying the simplicity of ice skating, these activities can elevate your cabin retreat into a winter wonderland that guests will long return to. Make your cabin retreat a destination where cherished memories are made in the enchanting embrace of winter.