With Covid-19 having swept across the world, it has flipped many industries on its head, particularly in hospitality. It has fundamentally changed the workings of many industries, but change also comes with great opportunities. It is up to us how we make the best of these changes to emerge stronger and more resilient.

With people now being more aware about their health and well-being, delivering a wellness-focused hotel experience is more vital than ever.

Even before the pandemic, guest well-being was a significant trend in hospitality. Even as we move past the crisis phase of the pandemic, we will continue to witness demand for holistic hospitality.

Here are a few tips that will help to enrich your guests’ experiences and cater specifically to their well-being:

1. Get Smart

Customer loyalty is reliant on providing each customer with a unique and memorable experience. Smart technology is helping hotels wow guests with clever in-room features such as voice control and smart lighting.

What’s better is implementing such improvements will not only boost your brand and reduce your costs but they also provide a contact-free environment.

2. Gym and Yoga Rooms

A fitness center or workout area can benefit any hotel as consumers prefer to stay somewhere that supports a healthy lifestyle, with more than 500 million wellness trips taken each year.

Don’t feel like you have to cram a room with treadmills and exercise bikes – try to create a welcoming space with a blend of equipment to suit all guests.

3. Relax, Rejuvenate, Repeat

Transform bathrooms into spa-like experiences that calm the soul, nurture the body and tingle the senses. Don’t be put off by thinking such ideas are outside of your budget; offer simple things like bath salts and essential oils that give a feeling of luxury.

If possible, add a touch of nature – for example with floral wallpaper or fake plants.

4. Buffet of Options

Make sure your hotel offers a variety of dietary options for people with alternate preferences. Pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans and those with food sensitivities and allergies all need to be catered for.

5. Take Care of Your Customers

Don’t let the pandemic come in between you and your customers. Continue to take care of them beyond the hotel premises.

Stay in touch through newsletters that update them on your latest cleanliness protocols and wellness programs. The InnQuest CRM system can help you drive customer loyalty.

6. Show off Hygiene Measures

Cleaning practices should be updated regularly to show customers that you care about their health and safety. Information concerning sanitizing surfaces and public spaces, guest contact and food safety should all be included in these protocols and displayed for all to see.

7. Flexible Cancellation Policy

Covid-19 has been hard on everyone; put your customers at ease by providing them with flexible cancellation and booking policies so they do not need to worry if things have to change. Err on the side of generosity to ensure your guests return when the time is right.

The InnQuest booking engine, WebBook, can be customized to reflect your hotel’s website and means your customers have full control when organizing and moving their stays, reducing their stress.

8. Safe Space

Make sure that your guests know that your hotel is a safe space for everyone, no matter what their identity. People with different ethical backgrounds and identities can feel uncomfortable in a new setting, so equip yourself and your staff with sensitivity training.

9. Contactless Experience

When it comes to improving the guest experience, consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to unlocking their smartphones and laptops using facial and fingerprint authentication, and they will soon demand the same efficiency in their hotel rooms. Examine how you may use your hotel’s mobile app to provide contactless but customized experiences.

Wrapping up

In addition to these approaches of well being of guests, hotels should keep looking for new methods to automate operations, freeing up time to focus on providing exceptional customer service to all visitors. As technology advancements continue, be sure your PMS system can handle anything the future throws at you so you can stay ahead of the curve.