While we’re picking up pieces the Covid-19 pandemic has left in its wake, it must not be forgotten there’s another global concern, still very much on the attack. Climate change cannot be eradicated by a vaccine and it is a topic that constantly needs to be addressed by the travel industry.

Today we would like to look at how hotels can embrace being sustainable in ways that can not only reassure guests and help protect the environment, but can also be beneficial for you in the long run.

More and more travelers are making a conscious choice to look for responsible travel operators or facilities that strive to preserve and protect the environment. Reports show that one-third of people are willing to pay more for sustainable services and products. Make sure that your hotel ranks high on every eco-friendly hotels list with these simple and effective sustainable practices.

1. Automated Rooms

Each year, hotels consume about 219 billion gallons of water. Reduce water wastage by installing smart showers that limit the duration of a shower to a pre-set time. Other pieces of technology that you can apply are smart lights and thermostats with sensors. All these measures reduce energy consumption and can also generate monumental savings on your bills.

2. Reminders

Most people appreciate eco-friendly measures, so remind guests of the sustainable options you offer. For example, labeling bins for different purposes such as recycling, garbage and food waste will encourage guests to properly recycle their waste. We’re all in this together, so celebrate your successes with signage announcing how much waste you have cut and the measures you are taking to help the environment in relevant locations around your site. Make sure your customers understand they are part of this change.

3. Small Changes Go a Long Way

Request that guests reuse their towels as often as possible, offer reusable laundry bags, aim to fill minibars with eco-friendly packaged food and drinks and email invoices from your hotel property management system rather than printing them. Look at how mobile apps can help you reduce reliance on landfill items such as key cards.

4. CO2 Emissions

Hotels emit CO2 at a rate of about 60 million tons per year, equivalent to 19 volcano eruptions. CO2 is not healthy for your guests or your staff, make your hotel healthier by providing shared car services and buying from local suppliers.

5. Go Paperless

Technology has blessed us with many alternatives that are environmentally friendly. Instead of keeping a stack of papers you can now find any information with a single click of a button. Innquest’s PMS system can assist you with easy check-ins, guest profiles, tracking requisitions and managing guest data.


To inspire you further with importance of sustainability in hospitality industry, here is a list of hotels that are actively following sustainable measures:

  • Aquila Eco Lodges, Australia
    This lodge, nestled in the heart of the Grampians National Park, epitomizes ecologically conscious living at its best. The property generates its electricity and manages its own garbage. The resort also contains a rainwater collection system and an insect-based composting system to help return nutrients to the environment. Low-wattage appliances and lighting, non-toxic paint, natural oil finishes, and draining compost toilet systems are all available on the inside, ensuring an ozone-friendly experience.
  • Svart, Norway
    Svart is the world’s first energy-positive hotel that aims to encourage travelers to take a step towards protecting and preserving nature. The hotel’s roof is covered in solar panels made in Norway utilizing pure, hydro-energy, lowering the overall carbon footprint.
  • Proximity, USA
    The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a LEED Platinum ‘green hotel,’ it uses 40% less energy and 30% less water than other hotels. The Proximity, has over 70 green initiatives, including 100 solar panels on the roof that heat the water. The construction is made of ultra-efficient materials and the elevator includes a unique technology that reuses energy to reduce net energy usage.


The showcased hotels practice sustainability on a massive budget and, of course, not every hotel can afford to take such measures. Nobody expects sustainability to be extravagant, but it should be a conscious and effective choice.  Small changes like having a locally sourced menu, large shampoo, and soap dispensers over single-use plastic bottles and reducing energy consumption can have an everlasting impression on our planet…. and a great impression on your customers.