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Start building using our OpenAPI for a simple and easy way to interface with the RoomMaster Ecosystem.

Unlock Your Integration Potential with Agora’s OpenAPI

Calling all API developers!

Ready to supercharge your projects? Agora’s OpenAPI is your ticket to all things integrations.

🚀 Open and Ready: Agora’s API is open for business today. Start coding with our comprehensive documentation and specs right now.

🌐 Your Playground: Explore endless possibilities, connect , and create effortlessly leveraging our free sandbox environment with mock data.

🛠️ Simplify Integration: We’ve made it easy to plug into our ecosystem. Focus on your code, and let Agora handle the rest.

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Elevate Your Hospitality Experience with Agora’s OpenAPI

For hoteliers, the Agora OpenAPI is your passport to a world of possibilities. Seamlessly integrate RoomMaster with industry-leading services and companies to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the competitive hospitality landscape. Unlock innovation and elevate your hotel’s potential with Agora’s OpenAPI.

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Agora OpenAPI

In today’s fast-paced hospitality landscape, businesses need a seamless way to connect, collaborate, and innovate. That’s where Agora comes in, revolutionizing the way you integrate with industry-leading service providers. Specifically designed for RoomMaster, our award-winning Property Management System (PMS).

Who is it for?

  • Service Providers: Are you looking to develop integrations for RoomMaster? Agora welcomes service providers eager to collaborate with our PMS.
  • Hoteliers: If you’re a hotelier seeking to enhance your operations with seamless integrations, Agora is here to assist you.

🚀 Ready to Elevate Your Integration Game?

Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses that rely on Agora to fuel their growth and innovation. Whether you’re a developer or a hotelier, Agora’s OpenAPI platform offers the solutions you need to thrive.

📄Agora API Documentation
What is Agora?

Agora is our API integration platform—it’s your direct path to RoomMaster’s robust ecosystem.

Agora for Developers

Developers: With Agora, you can effortlessly connect your services to RoomMaster. Our developer-friendly OpenAPI simplifies integration, allowing you to focus on innovation rather than complex coding.


Hoteliers: With Agora, you can effortlessly connect services that you use to RoomMaster. Fill out our intake form and one of our support members will reach out to onboard you and activate your subscription.