Use of Downloaded Materials
The information, software, documentation, data, ervices, logos, trademarks, artwork, text, pictures and other materials (collectively, “Materials”) contained in the downloaded products are owned by InnQuest Software Corporation and are protected by copyright and trademark laws and international treaties. All products from InnQuest Software are copyright InnQuest Software Corporation. “InnQuest” is a registered trademark of InnQuest Software Corporation.

Computer Software
Any computer software which may be downloaded or is otherwise available from the InnQuest Web site is licensed subject to the terms of its associated license agreement only. Except as expressly permitted in the applicable license agreement, you may not use the software for any other reason stated. InnQuest Software Corporation retains title to any such software downloaded from the InnQuest Software Web site and you are granted only a non-exclusive license to use such software in accordance with the applicable license agreement. You may not use the software for any other reason than its intended use. InnQuest Software reserves all intellectual property rights in and relating to its own software downloaded from this website. Use of the software for any reason other than its intended use is punishable by law.

Unregistered Usage for Profit and Educational Use Prohibited
Use of the software while in unregistered and/or demo mode is solely for evaluation purposes. Use of the software for profit, educational, university/college course purposes is prohibited and is in violation of the license agreement. Also, you may not use this software in unregistered and/or demo mode for profit or to maintain, conduct, or track actual business.

Upgrades for Existing United States Clients
United States customers with a valid and current maintenance agreement may install updates and upgrades to future versions at no cost. United States customers without a valid and current maintenance contract must contact the sales office before installing any updates, as additional fees may apply.
Premier Edition installations/upgrades are performed during regular business hours by appointment only. Contact your local InnQuest support department for more information.

Upgrades for Existing International Clients
All customers outside the United States may install updates within the same version at no cost; however, upgrades to a newer version must be purchased before downloading. You must contact your local reseller before upgrading.
Due to many pirating issues internationally, clients purchasing any software or upgrades from an office or reseller should verify on the “Contact” page of this website to ensure the purchase is from a valid and certified InnQuest Software reseller