GDS opens the door to wider exposure, leading to more bookings 

With a world class channel manager like Stayfull in its product suite, it was vital for InnQuest to ensure its users were provided with seamless connectivity to the GDS. That’s exactly what’s been accomplished thanks to InnQuest’s partnership with ResNet World, a Sabre Hospitality (Synyxis) global partner based in Duabi, UAE. ResNet World provides next generation GDS connectivity to independent hotels and groups in over 50 countries, with office in Dubai, India, Oceania and the United States.

What is the GDS?

The GDS (Global Distribution System) is a huge network dedicated to providing travel industry professionals with a wide choice of hotels and travel packages. 

The GDS has traditionally been a tool for large hotels and big chains, as it was cumbersome, expensive and required a lot of time and resources to be used effectively. 

Thankfully, things have changed thanks to integration partners like ResNet World. Now, the GDS is a tool that can be used effectively by independent hotels, who don’t have the benefit of specialty teams to remain solely focused on the GDS. With ResNet World, independent hotels now have their own resource to provide an more level playing field with larger brands. 

Why is the GDS an important channel?

The GDS attracts unique bookers, as there is a large segment of potential guests who book directly through the GDS itself, rather than using OTAs or booking directly through a website. There is a significant advantage in attracting more corporate bookings through the GDS, as 80% of the market is corporate driven. This gives smaller hotels an incredible opportunity to reach more corporate guests outside of their regular sales efforts. While the leisure sector only accounts for 20% of the overall GDS market, it remains an important source of income for properties typically catering to leisure travelers and who want to be as visible on the channel as possible.

Another advantage with the GDS is that it carries fewer restrictions than an OTA as far as rate parity and availability compared to a hotel’s direct channel. This gives hoteliers the freedom to ‘yield manage’ the channel and maximize average daily rates. The GDS also tends to provide higher ADRs to hotels than any other channel. It continues to grow every year, with more companies looking for ways to consolidate and streamline their corporate travel needs.

Wrapping Up

Sabre Hospitality has utilized ResNet World to provide independent hotels with the levels of customer support necessary to compete with large chains and groups. By using this valuable tool, independent hotels now have a resource to make their presence felt in the GDS market.


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