How long have you been holding out on procuring a Cloud-based PMS? It’s time to put some serious consideration into your PMS so you can streamline your operations, improve your responsiveness, and overall efficiency at your property.  You might be thinking, you bought your server, your staff has already been trained, you’re probably saying to yourself “We don’t need to move our property management system to the cloud, do we?” 

Most cloud-based PMS systems maintain the functionality you’ve grown to understand and know. However, the added benefits to a cloud-based PMS far exceed your legacy server-based PMS.  You’ll have the advantage of remote logins, real-time analytics, and distribution management: so the question should be, why haven’t you switched? 

Let’s look at why moving to a cloud PMS deserves your attention:  

No Special Hardware Required 

A cloud-based PMS system runs on your Internet browser, so there is no costly server purchase required. No server can mean a reduction in IT Professional manpower with no need for managed server services. Cloud-based PMS software is easy to access from any device, so if you want to modernize your property and have your staff walk around with tablets to serve your guests better, the cloud-based PMS has you covered. 

Access Everything from Everywhere 

With a cloud-based PMS running from your Internet browser, your login is instant and with a few key strokes, you have access to real-time information about your property. In fact, if you’re managing multiple properties, you can access all databases from a single location eliminating the need to log in and out of a remote desktop system.  

Solution for the Budget Conscious 

In addition to avoiding the expense of costly hardware and software licenses, cloud-based systems are scalable offering you the option of paying for only the modules you need.  There is no need to purchase costly upgrades with each release. With a cloud-based PMS, upgrades, fixes and patches are included and managed by your PMS service provider. And even better, the overall cost is broken down by month and will include your service and support agreement.  Finally, you keep your accountant happy as you present them with a easy to forecast fixed monthly cost as opposed to additional support and software license expenses which are difficult to predict.

Safe and Secure 

Your PMS data is stored in a remote location secured rather than in a server onsite. With the data stored in a remote location, there is less of a risk to your guest information being compromised or lost. Cloud-based pms, like roomMaster are hosted with industry leading providers that have professional teams dedicated to security of the hosting environment. This allows a independent hotelier to benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Further, PCI DSS compliance seems to be a hot topic these days.  Cloud-based PMS systems typically absorb the PCI compliance which leaves you out of scope.   

Finishing Up 

Cloud-based PMS systems are the wave of the future; but the future is now! If you’ve been considering a cloud-based PMS solution, or if you’ve done the research and still can’t decide if a cloud-based PMS is right for your property, contact our Sales Consultants to discuss your options. With roomMaster Anywhere gaining popularity (hundreds of InnQuest clients are already running their business from the cloud), it is time to retire your server and launch your property into the cloud.


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