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Designing Your Hotel For Great Guest Experiences

August 24th, 2017 General, Hospitality Trends

Your guests are strongly influenced by the design of your property.

Research shows that guests remember the look of the lobby and the feel of their room more than any other part of a hotel experience.

Memorable experiences built around great design drive excellent reviews, higher sales at your property, repeat stays from happy guests, and more.

Strategic design decisions can lead guests to spend money at your restaurant, sip on cocktails from your bar, or retreat for a night of in-room entertainment. It all depends on the guest behaviors you seek, and then designing your spaces to encourage them accordingly.

So how can you bring design to your property that leaves a lasting impact, influences the way your guests behave, and increases revenue?

New Partner Alert: Earn new guests through advocacy with

August 24th, 2017 Marketing

Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with, an advocacy marketing platform for hotels.’s platform helps hotels reach new audiences worldwide and inspire more travelers to book direct.

This innovative partnership will help hard-working hoteliers like you drive more positive, authentic conversations about your property and guest experiences online.

You can now seamlessly integrate into WebBook, our premier booking engine, to amplify your marketing efforts and empower guests to share details about their upcoming trip at the point of booking.

How To Bring Great Design To Your Hotel Website

August 9th, 2017 Hospitality Trends

Keep up with a generation of guests who are tech-savvy and design-focused.

The new wave of millennial travelers value design more than any other generation before them. As technology natives, they bring high expectations to their interactions with businesses online.

Studies show that millennials are 23% more likely to travel abroad than older generations, and are more willing to set aside a generous budget for trips. By 2020, millennials are predicted to spend $1.4 trillion on travel each year.

To tap into the needs of the modern-day traveler, it’s important that you bring the best design practices to your website and booking system. And don’t worry, even if other generations of travelers are not as particular about their online user experience, they too will appreciate the great design.

So, how can your website live up to the expectations of a generation that has redefined the standard for online experiences?