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Full installation combined with end user training tailored to your property’s needs.

Get the most from your investment by having an InnQuest Corporate Trainer onsite for 4 or 5 days. At the end of the training, your software will be fully installed and configured plus your staff will gain hands-on experience with:

  • How to operate the system in all departments
  • Software features which can increase revenue and guest satisfaction
  • Best practices using the software in daily tasks

Prior to the session, your corporate trainer will contact you to discuss your specific needs and create a training curriculum tailored to your property and staff’s business goals.

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Expert instruction that is practical for your teams and budget.

Our experienced instructors guide your employees through web-based training that includes practical instruction on your software and computers.
Our workshops are tailored to the needs of your team, and often include:

  • New Employee Training so your staff hits the ground running
  • Level-Up Instruction for leveraging advanced software features
  • Review Courses that reinforce your team’s knowledge