RoomMaster Cloud

RoomMaster Cloud is a step forward and allows you and your teams to work across the web with internet browser access and integrated payment processing.

RoomMaster Cloud powers your future growth by connecting you with over 150 various third-party integrations to improve hotel operations, generate more revenue, and enhance the guest experience.

roomMaster Cloud interface

roomMaster Cloud dashboard

Introducing roomMaster Payments

RoomMaster Payments is now being used by over 250 customers and has been built to incorporate the industry’s highest security standards. Your property and guest data are always stored and processed safely, with automated processes reducing the risk of fraud, theft or manual errors. Your upgrade includes roomMaster payments automatically.

Learn how reservation deposits are captured with roomMaster Payments

Learn how to batch your settlements with roomMaster Payments

Move forward with roomMaster Cloud. Select your upgrade date below

Select your desired upgrade date and indicate which third party integrations you wish to continue using. Upon submission, your Account Manager will reach out to you directly to finalize the date and answer your outstanding questions.

    Please also select the third-party integrations that your property utilizes:

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