In-App Payment Processing

Take card payments, right inside the roomMaster Anywhere property management system.

Compatible with all major payment providers

roomMaster Anywhere is compatible with all major payment gateways, including:

Ultra-secure for you and your guests

The roomMaster Anywhere in-app payment solution uses the latest security technology.

The in-app payment processing system enables you to process deposits and full payments for bookings, safely.

Simply enter the credit card details into roomMaster Anywhere, and the system securely processes the transaction and returns the payment status to the PMS.

Easy to set up

It couldn’t be easier to integrate payments into your roomMaster Anywhere PMS.

You can add a payment gateway in 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose your preferred online merchant from the payment gateway list.
  2. Add your API keys provided by the gateway.
  3. Click save.
  4. Clive activate.

That’s it! You can immediately start taking payments for bookings in a PCI-compliant way.

What’s more, you can add additional payment gateways if you want to switch between them.

Taking new payments

In roomMaster Anywhere you can quickly process payments for new guests.

When a new guest books and you need to take a pre-payment for their booking, roomMaster Anywhere makes it super-simple to add their card details and confirm the transaction – all from within the app.

You can enter a specific monetary value or use the handy percentage buttons to automatically process a part-payment.

Save payment cards for future use

Make the payment process for returning guests as convenient as it should be.

roomMaster Anywhere enables card details to be stored for future use.

It does this in a PCI-compliant manner and means you can quickly retrieve card details when a guest re-books in order to secure their booking and reduce the time it takes to process return reservations.

Book a demo today

View the in-app payment solution in action with your own, personal demo, and see what else the roomMaster Anywhere PMS offers, including:


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Automated emails

Smart rate management

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