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Integrated with the roomMaster PMS, Exceed POS provides you with total control and transparency over the F&B side of your operation.

Exceed is a POS solution for the hospitality industry that’s both user friendly and packed with features to ensure accuracy, happy staff and excellent customer experience during every shift.

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Key Features

Order Display Monitor

Powered by the cloud, the order display monitor (ODM) integrates with both Exceed and SYSNET and seamlessly links your order stations to the kitchen.

Mix and Match

With Mix and Match, you can bundle discounts and offers, leaving staff to simply scan the items and let Exceed do the rest.


A full rewards and redemption system gives you full control over customer loyalty programs.


Work from existing counts created on the back of house or create new inventory and rest safe in the knowledge that Exceed POS will accurately update your inventory in real-time.


Easily monitor sales, revenue and user activity. Sales can be monitored in real time and specific reports restricted to manager level access only.

Also includes

  • Direct room posting to the roomMaster PMS
  • Split table items
  • Available portions
  • Public holiday surcharges
  • Restaurant floor-plan
  • Course control
  • Next-level keypad design
  • Event tickets sales
  • Waiter float
  • Bar tabs
  • Diary/shift notes
  • Packaged meal deals
  • Full training mode
  • User messaging

SYSNET: Gain Full Control Behind the Scenes

With Exceed and the back office platform, SYSNET, you can rest easy knowing that what happens at the front of house is perfectly aligned with what’s going on behind the scenes.

SYSNET is built specifically for the hospitality industry and integrates seamlessly with the roomMaster PMS.

Cash & Stock

  • Deep reporting: Stock, debtor, supplier, member and user reports. User-level control ensures the team only has access to what they need.
  • What’s happening right now? Gain an immediate snapshot of current POS activity.
  • Full stock and cash control: All stock movements are recorded and variances highlighted. 


  • Staff comms: Keep front and back of house operations in sync. Request attendance at meetings, and communicate vitals when required.
  • Track staff activity: SYSNET can report on sales activity by user, including refunds, discounts and no sales events (cash drawer openings).
  • Full user control: With the SYSNET staff profile feature, you can finely tune access to the POS and back-office system. This enables you to specify the level of access each employee requires, based on their role.


  • Historical purchase reporting: SYSNET enables you to generate detailed historical reports on purchases and can integrate with third-party accounting systems to further save you time.
  • Maintain detailed supplier profiles: Create and maintain records for each of your suppliers from whom you purchase goods.
  • Supplier activity: Order and receive stock directly through SYSNET to maintain a detailed purchase history for every supplier.

There’s so much more…

  • Monitor operator trends
  • Correct POS mistakes
  • Enter till totals and cross-check counts
  • Design keypads your way
Exceed was built from the ground up with hospitality in mind. Exceed is perfect for:


Gift Shop

Full Service Restaurant


Quick Service


Why Exceed?


Exceed POS is designed to handle any transaction at your property, including your restaurant, bar, room service, gift shops, retail environments and more! It truly is an all-in-one POS system for hotels, or any hospitality property.

A simple solution, no matter how complex your property

No matter how large or small your property’s point of sale requirements, Exceed is built to deliver the perfect level of functionality at a price that delivers a fantastic return on investment.


Users will pick up the system quickly, while managers can easily access detailed reports to assist in stock and inventory management and financial forecasting.

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Speed up setup with Exceed Rapid

Exceed Rapid handles all the vital operations you need from your POS system at the front of the house. This ‘light’ version of Exceed is all about easy setup

What does Exceed Rapid include?

Table tracking – instantly see which orders are required at all tables.

Visual Menus – touch ordered items on screen, without entering “PLU” codes.

Fast setup – your system is up and running within a week.

With Exceed Rapid, you have all the essentials of a POS for hospitality at the front of the house! 

For back of house functions, enquire about Exceed.

Exceed your expectations with Exceed.

Get in touch with the InnQuest team to learn more about Exceed and Sysnet.

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