Hoteliers didn’t always have a property management system (PMS) to assist with the everyday operations. In fact, prior to Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone invention, guests booked their travel arrangements by mail or poorly spelled telegrams. Early hoteliers wrote down most of a guest’s information with a pencil or pen on a plain piece of paper.  Sometime in 1960s hoteliers started to realize what an impact an electronic reservation system could have on their properties; but it wasn’t until the 80s that the definition of PMS as we know it today, was born.

PMS systems didn’t start out as being the bridge between all vendors. When we look back, the earliest PMS systems were designed to increase productivity on daily operations like bookings, check-ins, and storing reservations. But as General Managers and hotel owners saw the power that propelled PMS systems for their properties, they decided that by adding additional features like revenue management, housekeeping/maintenance notifications, and guest relationship management tools could maximize their profits while aiding in the day-to-day hotel operation.  Pretty soon, the PMS system was not only an integral part of a successful hotelier’s operational budget, it was completely necessary to keep up with other technological advancements.

PMS systems have come a long way in the past forty years. However, it is critical to continue seeking other ways to keep your property moving forward technologically because guests’ traveling behaviors are going to continue evolving.  For example, since the inception of the Smartphone, how many friends do you know that do all their travel planning from the palm of their hand? Mobile Devices offer technology to guests, setting their expectations higher than ever before.  So, why should you let them down by not providing them with the latest and greatest reservation or check-in experience?

As technology continues to advance, and guests continue to demand the hospitality industry cater to their every whim, the hotel PMS system must also push the limit.  The once humble PMS system that allowed Front Desk Clerks to check-in guests is being replaced by standalone kiosks in hotel lobbies. It doesn’t have to be that way!  PMS systems are rapidly changing and expanding to meet the needs of hoteliers. Cloud PMS systems make it easier for multiple property hoteliers to manage all properties from a central location, and advanced API connections allow simpler integrations that were previously cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Truth be told, the continually evolving Cloud based PMS systems empower and equip hoteliers with the tools necessary to provide enhanced, more seamless transactions to their guests. However, the fact remains, the PMS system has certainly evolved over time.  Instead of just a convenience, the PMS system has become a necessity in an ever-changing industry.  So, it’s time to ask yourself; does your PMS system assist in your everyday tasks?  Does your PMS system streamline your operations? Is your PMS system increasing your profits?  Does your PMS system enhance your guests’ experience?  If you’re like most successful hoteliers, and you answered yes to those questions; welcome to the minority.  If you answered no, then it may be time to take your PMS system to the next level.

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