The hospitality industry has witnessed customer patterns evolve drastically post the COVID-19 pandemic. Some examples include the rise of remote work, the popularity of staycations and bliesure travel, and increased awareness and demand for holistic health and well-being experiences. As a result, hoteliers have been ushered into an entirely new era wherein customer choices and spending habits have changed dramatically in such a short span of time. And to be able to cater to this modernized approach, it is extremely crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry to upgrade their existing on-premise management systems to cloud-based systems. This is why we launched roomMaster!

What is roomMaster?

roomMaster is a cloud PMS software that helps you streamline processes, automate operations and improve guest experiences.

What are the key highlights of roomMaster?

Some of the key highlights of roomMaster include a powerful channel manager, a customizable booking engine, front desk services, a payment solution, a performance reporter, and an integrated hotel CRM.

Furthermore, some of the key benefits of roomMaster are listed below –

  • Cost-effectiveness – our direct hotel online booking system saves on commission costs and increases loyalty by driving guests to book via your own properties’ websites.
  • Enables hassle-free remote working our cloud-based PMS allows anyone to take reservations, contact guests and stay updated from wherever they are and across all devices. Perfect for working when you’re on the go or in case of emergencies.
  • Strengthened security – Data loss is a major concern for any business. Cloud-based computing guarantees that your data is always available, even if you encounter hardware problems at the hotel. In fact, it renders the term ‘disaster recovery’ irrelevant because, with cloud, your data is always safe.
  • Allocate time better spent elsewhere roomMaster comes equipped with an integrated hotel CRM tool allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time. Additionally, it records all guest interactions and automates personalized communication for each guest.
  • One place for all your needs roomMaster comes with intuitive hotel booking software and channel management software. Apart from that, the performance reporter allows you access to real-time data & insights and its analytical tools can monitor occupancy, guest behaviour, and profitability.

In conclusion, a cloud-based property management system has multiple advantages over the traditional approach. It can help you speed up hotel operations, increase ROI and enhance the guest experience. Making the switch from roomMaster On Premise platform to the new RoomMaster will allow you to take advantage of all these benefits!

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