If you’re currently looking to the future as an independent hotelier, you might have eco-friendliness in mind.

The ‘pause’ on the hotel industry the past year has given hoteliers everywhere a chance to rethink how they operate. Not only in how they serve guests, but how they can operate in a more eco-friendly matter. After all, not only does that mean a better future, but it could also mean a boost to the bottom line.

In a post-Covid era, the vast majority of travelers will want to travel sustainably. Therefore, if you’re a hotelier who wants to stand out from the rest, you can use it as a differentiator.

1. Ensure every room has clearly marked recycling options

Head into any modern office and you’ll quickly spot the recycling options for staff. Catch-all trash cans have been thrown out (excuse the puns) and replaced with color-coded waste baskets.

You can do the same in your hotel’s rooms. Encourage guests to correctly recycle their waste by marking bins for recycling, landfill and food waste.

Make sure you do the same for staff too, including compost bins to get rid of the waste created by your garden staff.

2. Stop using disposable cups

Hotels have for quite some time relied on disposable cups for in-room refreshments.

It makes little sense. The cost for continually replacing those cups and the impact they have on the environment just doesn’t benefit your business or its brand image in any way.

Instead, invest in real glasses. Sure, they’ll cost a little more upfront, but they’ll last for years and will be far more pleasurable for guests to use.

3. Don’t forget the restaurant

If your hotel features a restaurant, there’s plenty you can do to lower its carbon footprint.

Here are some quick wins:

  • use cloth napkins rather than paper towels;
  • don’t use plastic straws – opt for paper straws instead;
  • brew real tea and coffee (you’d be amazed by how detrimental the packaging for instant coffee and tea is);
  • don’t use individually wrapped butter, mayo or other condiments – instead, use small ceramic bowls for guests to use; and
  • only use real cups, plates and cutlery.

Check out this blog post for some great tips on furthering your green efforts in the restaurant.

4. Implement an energy management system

Hotels use an awful lot of energy, and sometimes for little to no reason at all.

For instance, when a guest checks out of the room, why should the air conditioning remain active? Equally, if no one is in the corridor on floor seven, why keep the lights on?

An energy management system may not be a small investment, but its long-term, positive impact on your energy overheads and the ability for the hotel to reduce its carbon footprint is likely to be profound.

5. Make some small, but vital changes

Sometimes, the small stuff makes a big difference, and that’s definitely the case with these simple eco-friendly hotel tips:

  • ask guests to reuse their towels as often as possible;
  • make sure room key cards are reused for as long as possible until they absolutely need replacing;
  • email invoices from your hotel property management system;
  • offer reusable laundry bags; and
  • try and stock minibars with eco-friendly packaged snacks and drinks.

Wrapping up

You future guests are going to be increasingly environmentally conscious. However, if you start making eco-friendly choices now, your hotel will remain competitive and highly attractive to the modern traveler for a long time to come.

Let’s not forget that while you’re going green to increase your property’s eco-friendly rating and sustainability, you’ll also be doing your part to protect the planet too!


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