Why switch from an on-premise PMS, or even keep your PMS in the cloud? It’s a common question these days, and it seems like everyone is moving their IT infrastructure to the Cloud. In fact, according to Gartner, by 2020 the older corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today. A Cloud first mind-set and best practice is replacing the defensive no Cloud stance that dominated in past years. The Cloud is clearly here now, and is staying for the future.

What is The Financial Win for a Hotel in the Cloud?

 There are numerous ways a hotel will benefit by having their PMS and other services in the Cloud. If a hotel is moving to a new service provider, the Cloud offers a lower cost of entry. You pay for what you need……just the software and take advantage of a dramatic reduction in hardware and IT infrastructure. The Cloud allows hoteliers to eliminate internal resources to install, maintain and upgrade software, as the company hosting your PMS in the Cloud will do it for you. For hoteliers that need to move quickly with a new solution or change, Cloud based solutions are up and running almost immediately, and are an operation expense not a capital expense, with a minimal impact to your budget. Reducing operating costs for hoteliers is a significant area of focus currently and according to GrantThornton in their Emerging clouds in hotel technology report, the hospitality IT spend globally is forecast to grow at 7% through to the end of 2018, outstripping other segments of spend in hospitality.

4 Impacts That Can’t Be Ignored

Security & Back Up is now something every hotelier needs to be concerned about with their hotel PMS and other hospitality solutions. The Cloud delivers some essential elements that have really simplified this and come a long way in the last couple of years. A proper solutions provider needs to show you how they secure your data, offer redundancy/back-up and ultimately how they will keep your hotel and customer data safe. Many Cloud providers today offer a solution that is built on the latest technologies and this helps with secure integrations to third party API’s, like credit card processing as an example. Every hotelier will realize Accurate Planned Operating Expenses when a cloud solution is utilized. Cloud PMS like roomMaster gives you the benefit of predictable costs for subscription & administration and even if you scale, you can have a clear idea of what your costs will be in the future. This allows for much more accurate budgeting.

Integration is a substantial part of good Cloud based hospitality solutions. The world is moving to the Cloud, and that means a solution needs to integrate to the amount of customization and API’s the hospitality industry requires online now. As you grow, the Cloud can scale with you and the amount of third party integrations you need to connect with, no need to invest in server capacity and software licenses…..the right Cloud solution is ready for the complex integrations you’ll need. The fourth impact that can’t be ignored in the Cloud, is your ability to Work Anywhere. Since the software is hosted in the Cloud and accessible over the internet, users can access it wherever and whenever they are connected. This allows hoteliers to access their real-time data, with the flexibility you need.

Hoteliers need to be in the Cloud, the older mind-set around infrastructure and technology is slowly changing for hoteliers and most importantly the hospitality solution companies are moving to the Cloud to support this need and growth.


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