If there’s one question hoteliers ask themselves every day, it’s: “how can I increase direct hotel bookings?”.

And that’s understandable because ‘beating’ the online travel agents (OTAs) feels like an impossible task…

…until you realise that it isn’t really a battle.

Seriously – in order to gain more direct bookings as a hotelier, you need to view this industry as a level playing field, because in the digital age, that’s exactly what it is.

To increase direct bookings and stand out from your competitors, you as a hotelier can raise your game by following these simple tips:   

1. Increase your presence online

With everything being digitalized and with people spending more time on social media, it is very important (and quite easy) to build brand awareness.  

Just keep the momentum going by showing up on your audience’s news feed constantly 

Keep in mind that you have to create a positive impact and not just bombard the news feed with ‘salesy’ posts that do not increase engagement.  

Do some market research, keyword research and identify how you can rank your hotel in the first five of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  

This gives you higher chances of attracting direct booking. A good, fast loading website of your hotel that is supported in mobile browsing view will also help increase mobile booking.  

2. Run promotions with attractive packages 

People love a good getaway that comes with a bargain!  

Give your best and competitive offer that won’t lower your profit too much. 

At the same time, you can still encourage upselling by offering in-room upgrades or mentioning the new special at your on-site restaurant. Invest in marketing your hotel by pointing out why you are the best destination for a breather, which brings us to the next point.

3. Influence your guest’s decisions to choose you! 

Post attractive images of your destination and the different services you offer, ranging from luxury spa experiences to delicious cuisines served by your talented team of chefs.  

Consider all your social media followers and website audience as your potential customers.  

Your values as a hotelier play an important role here!  

Be responsive to guests online and offer them a wonderful guest experience offline. Respond to inquiries pleasantly and tackle negative reviews as well with class! 

4. Find the right booking engine to increase direct hotel bookings 

Potential guests need two main reasons to be reassured that direct booking is the best option: 

  • Hassle free process of booking 
  • Assurance and No mishap in stay confirmation 

With innQuest being an all in one hotel software provider, anyone looking to increase bookings should look at WebBook, InnQuest’s hotel booking engine. Not only does a booking engine let the guest enjoy a smooth booking procedure but it helps you keep track of available rooms, manage bookings, arrival and departure dates of your guests, details of transactions and finances and much more 

Wrapping up on how to increase direct hotel bookings 

Have we missed anything?

If you’re an independent hotelier and have experienced a significant uplift in direct bookings, tell us your experiences below. It doesn’t hurt to share your successes with the world once in a while!


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