It is certain that as the hotel industry prepares for a new era, needs are changing.

Consider the transformation we’ve seen in just the past few years. With the rise of cloud-based PMS systems, hoteliers are saying goodbye to stacks of paper, and freeing up physical storage spaces in back offices to make room for cloud PMS systems that efficiently run their properties.

Hoteliers have been slow to move to a cloud-based PMS just because making any transition to a new technology can be daunting.

However, since the goal of any hotelier is increased efficiency and enhanced integrations, cloud-based PMS systems seem to be where their decisions are heading. Combine this with the fact that remote work may very well be a habit many keep even post-pandemic, and hoteliers and staff alike will have the ability to connect from anywhere.

Truth is, cloud-based systems are changing the way hoteliers manage their properties. Through features capable of obtaining guest data in real-time, increased access to owners and general managers offsite, and through friendly interfaces that are easy on the eyes, cloud PMS systems are a win-win to hoteliers of all skill levels.

Cloud-based PMS impacts for hoteliers

The emergence of cloud-based PMS systems had quite an influence on hoteliers.

For example, hoteliers can access their hotel PMS from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. This feature is welcomed to busy hoteliers so they can keep tabs on their properties and still have time to do a little traveling themselves.

In addition, cloud-based PMS systems are hosted by a PMS vendor’s server that provides the hotelier with a scalable solution that is easily updated and super flexible.

Cloud PMS impacts for staff

Cloud-based PMS systems have proven to increase productivity and efficiency in staff members at all levels of the property. Using automation, staff members can spend more time responding to guest requests which in turn creates a unique guest experience for each guest and keeps them coming back.

In addition to improving the level of productivity and efficiency at the onsite staff level, hoteliers that have implemented a cloud-based PMS have also seen a decrease in outside IT staff as well. By eliminating the need for an on-site server, a hotelier can also eliminate the need to maintain the server; no more costly software upgrades.

Cloud-based PMS impacts for the budget

To put it frankly, cloud PMS systems cut hotel costs and increase revenue. Period!

Most server-based PMS systems require that hoteliers purchase expensive licenses, hardware, and peripherals that add up to a sizable amount over the course of a year. However, most cloud-based PMS systems are sold as a service that allows hoteliers to select as many (or as few) options as they’d like or need.

This makes cloud PMS systems extremely affordable and customizable, saving hoteliers’ money in the long run. Did you know that when purchasing a cloud-based PMS system you can say goodbye to items like
maintenance costs, software to support the PMS, software licensing and specific hardware?

Wrapping Up

It is apparent that cloud-based PMS systems are where hotel technology is going.

But whether you’re looking to save money, access your property from anywhere, increase productivity or simply keep up with the times, cloud PMS systems are the direction you’ll want to go.

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