So, you’re still hesitant about making the switch from a traditional system to a Cloud-based hotel PMS? We get it, change is hard. But it’s also necessary in order to keep up with the increasingly competitive and growing hospitality industry. 

A cloud-based PMS not only provides you with easy and effortless ways to communicate, but it is also an efficient way to approach guests with needed information and upselling.

There’s a reason why more and more hotels are making the logical switch – proving automation can still be personal without compromising on quality.   

With the right online property management system comes a whole host of benefits, both for you and your guests. Here are just a few reasons why a cloud PMS is the best option for creating an enhanced experience for your guests that they surely won’t forget.  

Communicate with ease  

When switching to a cloud-based PMS, communication is able to improve with significantly less effort needed, a win, win for all.   

This is made possible by streamlining your communication with automated emails and text messages, allowing for more bookings as you can now approach potential new guests with customized reminders as to why they should pick your hotel.   

Guests are likely to book a few hotels before finalizing “the one” so it is important to stay in touch and amplify their personalized reach before they even arrive on your property.  

Having communication with guests prior to their arrival shows them that you are a service minded hotel which makes you stand out amongst competitors who may fail to use this communication to their advantage.   

These automated mailings can be used for both converting bookings, as well as for staying in touch with guests after their initial stay and can be customized depending on the guest or purpose. It allows for more meaningful interactions with guests and an overall improved guest experience.   

Always remember that communication goes along way, and by keeping that continuous communication with your guests, you establish yourself as the best option for their next stay – it’s really that simple!  

Personal is possible 

It’s easy to assume that with this type of streamlined communication, getting personal with guests is not a possibility, when in fact, it’s the complete opposite!  

Guests look for a personalized, one-to-one communication with your hotel, and automated communication makes this possible. In fact, it can even be made more personal than your previous form of mailings.  

Engagement across all phases of a guests’ journey is important, and customized emails and text messages is a great way to impress your guests, even after check-out. 

This can be as simple as thanking your guest for the stay with an email saying “Hello Steven, we hope you had a pleasant time during your stay with us. Have a safe trip back to London!”. It’s this extra attention to detail that guest’s like to see, and this heightened guest satisfaction thus leads to increased brand loyalty.  


Both during, and after their stay at your hotel, all efforts must be focused on an exceptional guest experience.  

Incorporating a cloud-based PMS can help you enhance all aspects of your guests’ stay, from post-reservation communication to the final check out.  

As proven, the positive impact this software has on guest experience directly translates into a positive impact on hotel revenue.  

By adding a touch of personalization through this type of streamlined communication, you’ll demonstrate that your hotel genuinely cares about their experience and will simultaneously prove that personalization and automatization can coexist in the hospitality industry.   


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