Hoteliers are constantly struggling wearing multiple hats. They’re always trying to keep the busy work of running a property to a minimum while providing their guests with memorable experiences. However, keeping up with the latest industry trends and technology can be difficult if you don’t have a hotel PMS system that is working for you. The PMS is the backbone of your property (aside from your staff), so what’s your PMS software doing for you?

More importantly, is now the best time to jump to a cloud-based PMS? If so, what benefits will it bring your hotel in an era of increased focus on overheads and data security?

The right hotel software will allow you to:

  • increase revenue;
  • create an efficient workplace for your staff; and
  • integrate with other systems in order to provide a better guest experience.

But with so many PMS providers to choose from, how do you know what you’re getting is what you need? Whether you are currently or inevitably will be on the hunt for a property management solution that will assist you in running your property effectively instead of running your staff into the ground, here are a few pointers to help you find the right solution.

To cloud or not to cloud…

Is the PMS you’re considering on-premise (i.e you’ll have to host on your server) or cloud-based? In 2020, it’s almost definitely the latter, but there are still on-premise systems out there that make sense for a minority of hotel operations.

Despite this, if you’re trying to keep up with hospitality technology, the cloud should be at the forefront of your decision-making process.

Cloud software doesn’t rely on expensive servers or IT professionals to maintain the hardware. Cloud PMS systems are easier to install, able to maintain PCI compliance, and maintenance-free. Now, when deciding on a cloud-based solution, it is important to consider your Internet connectivity because after all, you’re trying to create an easier environment for your staff, not one that is more difficult to manoeuvre due to poor Internet speeds.


Pricing is also a huge factor in considering a cloud-based solution. Almost every PMS provider bills for their cloud solution monthly, with most modules included. More than that though, if you’ll be adding rooms in the future, or adding key lock integrations, or changing point of sale providers, cloud PMS solutions don’t require additional licensing expenses.

Because cloud pricing is considered an operational expense instead of a capital expense, budgeting becomes a breeze too since your monthly expense remains consistent year over year.

Scaled to meet your needs

Not unrelated to cloud solutions, the next item to consider when selecting a PMS is scalability.

Scalability allows hoteliers the ability to only purchase what they need, when they need it. If the property is growing, this is especially useful. Even if you don’t plan on expanding, a PMS company that not only allows you to begin at a lower level of features, but offers a full range of features is your best bet.

In addition, look for a PMS company that keeps up with the hotel industry’s rapidly changing environment and to ensure that wherever your property takes you in the future you (and your PMS company) are prepared.

Is it certified secure?

Security is also an integral part of any PMS system. Managing guest personal data and credit card information is critical these days with the stringent GDPR regulations.

So, your PMS data should be stored in a secure environment, with a redundant connection, and have a continuous backup available. Further, your PMS should be PCI compliant with credit card processing taking place outside the PMS software with proper tokenization protocols strictly enforced. The PMS is not your only concern here though; make sure that the payment gateway used by the PMS is also secure, protecting your guest important data.

Service as good as the sale

Training and support are also critical items when deciding on a PMS software provider.  As technology continues to advance, PMS software functionality should be easy to understand.

By ensuring that your staff is properly trained on your PMS software will ultimately set them, you and your property up for success. Make sure to get your staff the training they need to perform their specific functions as effectively as possible. But, also make sure that they have training available to them beyond the initial setup. Support is also crucial to the success of your property. When deciding on a PMS software, be sure to find out the support hours, and more importantly what happens if you have an emergency outside of regular hours.

Wrapping up

Ultimately the decision you make on your PMS software can make or break your business. So why not choose a reliable PMS software provider like roomMaster when considering the best choice for your property? roomMaster is an affordable, user-friendly, secure, reliant PMS software that will free you up to do what you do best; ensuring every guest has a positive guest experience.

If you’d like to learn more about what a next-gen hotel pms can do for your property, you can get in touch with the InnQuest sales team at, or contact us here.


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