If you have been working in hotels since the 1990’s or before it’s likely you’re using an outdated PMS system to run the property. Prior to the PMS software technology boom, it was common practice to use a simplistic reservation system to keep track of guest comings and goings. While your outdated PMS system may have kept records, and calculated what you needed at the time, can you say with one hundred percent certainty that it is continuing to handle all your property needs now?  

Here’s the deal: As a hotelier, trusting an outdated PMS system to run your property’s operations may land you in trouble.The truth is, older PMS systems may be adequate for running simple reports, or calculating future forecasts, but when using this dated method in today’s world to manage guests, you’re missing out on capturing guest data, creating brand messaging, and more importantly you’re not able to accurately determine hotel availability.  

Implementing a cloud PMS system will not only save you time, it will save you a lot of effort in the long run too. Here are five reasons why switching from your outdated PMS software to a cloud-based solution makes sense:  

Convenience of Use

Manual processes restrict how, when, and where you access your PMS system. As a hotelier it’s important to keep up-to-date on what’s happening on property where you’re there or not. With a cloud-based system, gone are the days where you must wait until all guests have checked in to access availability. With a cloud-based system, you can check bookings, cancellations, or service levels from the comfort of your living room.  Not only can you access all pertinent data from anywhere, you can stay on top of your property in real-time.  

Saves Money

Hoteliers running on-premise or legacy systems have found that cloud systems are a lot easier on the wallet. Subscription priced models for cloud PMS systems allow hoteliers to pay for only what they need shifting the expense from a capital expense to an operational expense. By eliminating the expense of a server, and an IT department to maintain that server, cloud-based PMS systems are rapidly becoming the front-runner in the hotel technology space.  

Increased Efficiency

When you connect your property to a cloud-based PMS system, you are becoming part of the information superhighway! Cloud-based systems allow real-time availability, booking intelligence, revenue management features, direct integration to the GDS or direct booking engines. The best way to view a cloud-based PMS over an outdated system, is- cloud-based systems streamline your processes. Everything from bookings to scheduled guest activities are better because you can find solutions in the cloud! 


Cloud-based systems allow you to easily communicate with all hotel staff members. Outdated PMS systems create a division in your staff, and the way you communicate with them. Ancient PMS software segregated departments make it difficult to communicate a great deal of information to the masses. With a cloud-based PMS, anyone who has access to a set of login credentials can get up-to-date information as soon as they log in.  

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Cloud-based PMS systems allow you to connect with your guests before, during and after the stay. They allow you to track guest details, special requests, or just being readily available for the guest during their stay. It may seem insignificant, but by paying attention to your guests’ wants and desires, you are increasing their loyalty too. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, the hotel industry largely depends on your guests’ experiences. The better the experience, the more memories your guests make- the more revenue you generate. Archaic PMS systems are just not capable of handling the real-time integrations necessary to continue building memorable stays. 

Wrapping Up

This list is comprised of years of hotel industry studies, but it is not a comprehensive list outlining all the reasons why it’s smart to take your property to the cloud. However, if your property needs a facelift, try looking at your PMS software first; and maybe, just maybe, everything else will fall into place. Contact our Sales Department today to find out how to launch your property into the Cloud. 


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