The hospitality industry is wide, diverse and complex and the only way a business can succeed in this industry is by offering an unparalleled experience to its clientele. In current times, customer expectations from the hospitality industry have heightened colossally and to be able to meet them without adapting to modern technology is nearly impossible. 

InnQuest’s award-winning Property Management System, roomMaster™ enables hoteliers to deliver the best experience to their guests by optimizing their business operations end-to-end.

With 100 years of combined actual hotel management experience, InnQuest cloud based PMS software’s full suite of products is designed and supported by hoteliers for hoteliers!

Mentioned below are 5 key benefits of switching to InnQuest’s cloud-based PMS system.

1. Online Presence Optimization

A property management system, roomMaster™ by InnQuest helps you optimize your online presence. Its powerful channel manager maximizes your occupancy and steers clear of overbookings by centralizing your inventory and pricing.

It is adept at taking control of all your hotel rooms and sharing real-time updates across all channels by seamlessly connecting to the world’s most popular OTAs like, Expedia, CTrip and AirB&B.

Jessee Pilgrim, co-owner of the Pelican Bay Resort shares “We’ve been able to increase our page ranking with OTAs and boost our online presence overall. It was so hard to manually change those rates before.”

2. Boost Direct Hotel Bookings

Next, InnQuest’s hotel management software includes a direct hotel online booking system. This encourages users to make a booking with you via your own website. As a result, you save on commission costs that you would otherwise pay to third-party platforms as well as boost customer loyalty.

In addition to this, with InnQuest’s customizable booking engine, you can tailor the customer booking experience and manage all your reservations in one place.

3. Enhance Overall Efficiency

InnQuest’s cloud-based PMS system encourages simple, streamlined and automated processes. With its integrated approach, it enables your entire workforce to run Front Desk Services such as hotel bookings, billing and housekeeping, no matter what device they are on.

Right from facilitating guest check-ins and checkouts, inspecting room statuses to making group bookings and sending personalized guest messages, it manages it all from the same control center!

4. Increase Profitability

Furthermore, with the help of Property Management Insights and Reports, you can access real-time data and insights that can help you grow your business.

InnQuest’s property management software’s analytic tools are proficient at monitoring occupancy, guest behavior and profitability. By understanding your customer’s buying patterns, you will be able to design packages and services customized to their needs, thereby boosting profitability. 

5. Foster Customer Loyalty

Last but not least, InnQuest’s cloud-based PMS system comes with an integrated hotel CRM, allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time. Simply put, it records all guest interactions, creates individual customer profiles and then automates relevant communications including pre, during and post-stay.

Doing so, helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and enables you to connect and engage with them in a more personalized manner. This, in turn, nurtures your relationship with your guests and fosters customer loyalty.

At InnQuest, we understand the importance of the challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry. InnQuest’s mission isn’t just to provide the best hospitality management system but to ensure hospitality businesses are supported whenever they need it. This is why we offer competitive pricing, without sacrificing quality or functionality in our software solutions. Book a demonstration of our award-winning hotel management software here.