You may be tired of hearing about ‘the new normal’ and ‘life after COVID-19’, but whatever name this new era is given, it’s something we all have to face in the hospitality industry.

More specifically, this is a moment we must seize because we’re entering an era that will present plenty of opportunities for the most innovative hoteliers to flourish.

It starts with marketing, and while it’s true that you’ll need to adjust your approach a little from this point forward, it’s actually a rather nice challenge to get your teeth into.

Here are five brilliant hotel marketing strategies for the next phase.

1. Give them a reason to book – and offer plenty of reassurance

This is hotel marketing 101, but it’s more important than ever right now.

Why should people book a room at your hotel instead of the competition? What objections might they have against clicking the ‘book now’ button from an experience perspective?

Think about how you can address any concerns potential guests might have with:

  • the promise of an incredible guest experience; and
  • reassurance that you take their safety and that of your team incredibly seriously.

Some people will be desperate to get away, while others will be understandably nervous. Give reasons for them all to head your way.

2. Offer social proof with recent guest endorsements

Social proof is a great way to demonstrate that your marketing isn’t just about the content you’ve created. It provides a direct insight into the guest experience you offer by highlighting their words.

As new guests begin to arrive and leave positive reviews, feature the most recent on your website and in your marketing output. It’ll demonstrate that you’re open for business and delighting customers just as you were before.

It’s like you never stopped, right?

3. Send a message from the team

Video is a powerful form of content marketing, and you really can use it to your advantage right now.

Behind-the-scenes stuff tends to be particularly engaging, which is why it’s a great idea to record a short video message from your entire team confirming that you’re open and ready to welcome people through the door once more.

You could do this as a group (a big cheer always goes down well), or via quick sound bites from individual members of the team.

4. Be super-clear with your messaging

Your marketing messages need to be clear, concise, and free of any unnecessary elements.

Strip out every word, sentence or second that isn’t contributing to the message you want to convey.

If it’s about a new long weekend stay package – talk only about how it’ll benefit guests and how easy it is to book. If you want to reveal the refurbished second floor, focus only on what it’ll add to the experience.

Now really isn’t the time to stage long, rambling marketing campaigns (although, the time for that never exists).

5. Stay upbeat and positive

Things are different and the world has already changed significantly. But you know what? People want – and need – positivity right now.

Keep all of your marketing output upbeat! If you need to refer to the safety measures you’ve implemented, do so, but in a way that illustrates it hasn’t changed your desire to provide an amazing hotel experience for your guests.

Wrapping up

Success rarely comes overnight, and if this period feels like you have to build your business once more, treat it as an opportunity.
It’s your chance to start again, welcome a consistent flow of new guests, and demonstrate that your hotel is the place to be when people want to get away, whether it be for pleasure or business.

Plan to be busy, soon – because you almost certainly will be.


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