InnQuest celebrates one year of sustained growth with Valsoft

July 18th, 2017 Latest News

MONTREAL, July 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – InnQuest, a leader in hotel technology solutions, celebrated the one-year anniversary of its acquisition by Valsoft Corporation, a Montreal-based company specialized in the development of vertical market software.

Since the transaction, Valsoft boosted InnQuest‘s gross revenue by 20% through new solution and service offerings, streamlined operations, and enhanced marketing and sales strategies. InnQuest also launched a redesigned website and new corporate branding to reflect the company’s evolution.

“We are excited to be building upon a legacy of product and service excellence at InnQuest,” said Michael Assi, CEO of Valsoft Travel and Leisure and InnQuest President. “One of the main pillars of our operating philosophy at Valsoft is to buy, grow, and hold companies forever. Our mission is to cultivate companies that deliver superior value and experiences to our customers and partners.”


Why Guests Stay In A Boutique Hotel

July 14th, 2017 Hospitality Trends

Defining what makes travelers flock to these buzzword hotels, and how to “bring out the boutique” for your guests.

When Bill Kimpton opened the doors of his first hotel in 1981, he made the bed for the hospitality industry today.  

By making guests feel at home as Kimpton grew his now-popular brand, he was making what was once considered small and unique big.

Over the decades that followed, boutique hotels became increasingly popular as millennials became increasingly important to hoteliers. At 83.1 million, millennials now outnumber baby boomers. Did we mention that they travel more per year than any other segment in both business and leisure too?

It’s no surprise that large hotel corporations today are buying up boutique brands IHG did it to Kimpton or creating their own chic, stylish hotel chain to capture the millennial segment.

Industry experts predict independent hotels will thrive in 2017 for this very reason too.

According to Hospitality Net, “Millennials now make up the largest share of traveler demographics and are the biggest factor as to why independents will be performing better than in previous years.”

So in a competitive hotel market that is now ruled by millennials, being boutique helps your property stand out. But why do millennial travelers flock to boutique hotels?

Here’s why, along with tips on how to “bring out your boutique” for guests, no matter what type of property you have.


Gartner Names RoomMaster A Leader In Hotel Management Software

July 14th, 2017 Latest News

Recognition Reinforces roomMaster’s Position As Premier Property Management Software

Hospitality technology company InnQuest Software announced today that its property management software roomMaster was named a Leader on the FrontRunners quadrant for hotel management software by Gartner.

“It’s an honor to be identified as a leader in hotel management software in this prestigious assessment,” said Michael Assi, President and CEO of InnQuest Software. “We’re proud to see our dedication to delivering powerful solutions for our hotel clients recognized by the hospitality industry.”

FrontRunners evaluated 130 Hotel Management products data and end user reviews from, and, positioning the top scoring products based on capability and value for businesses.

“We’re pleased to see roomMaster at the top of the list with strong scores for both Capability and Value,” said Assi. “This success further validates our client-driven mission to deliver all-in-one hotel management solution that scales to the needs of each property.”


Everything Your Hotel Guests Expect In 2017

May 16th, 2017 General

How to create superior experiences for today’s guests.

People in the digital age have more information than ever.

Travelers now have access to a wealth of research and reviews for finding the hotel with the best value for them.

For us, this means hotels with the best guest experiences are no secret, and we must continue to exceed expectations to grow our business.

Here’s your guide for how to do that at every stage of the guest journey.

Stand out everywhere online

Most travelers visit a combination of supplier, OTA, meta-search, and social media during inspiration and research phases of booking. Often, on mobile. According to a 2016 survey from Opera MediaWorks, 66 percent of travelers prefer using their mobile devices for travel research.

In this competitive market, travelers expect a hotel to have a strong presence at all these touchpoints and on all devices.
Everything Your Hotel Guests Expect In 2017

To attract customers in their booking journey, make sure your website and booking engine has responsive design, so that it looks sharp on their preferred mobile device. Also, ensure that high-quality visual content of your property, including rooms, facilities, and amenities are available on your site, social channels, and indirect booking sites.

Platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are a trusted source for reviews too, and guests expect you to have excellent ratings. Make sure your strategy encourages happy guests to leave positive reviews online and includes responding to customer feedback.

Go Beyond: Stay top-of-mind with travelers as they research all aspects of their trip with valuable content related to your destination. For example, create videos or blogs that highlight nearby dining, entertainment, recreation, and more.

Hospitality Software Leader InnQuest Software Unveils New Branding

May 13th, 2017 Latest News

Tampa, FL, May 12, 2017 –(– InnQuest Software, a premier hospitality technology company, unveiled the evolution of its branding and new website today.

The branding changes include a new logo design and the introduction of a blue and gray color palette, which is featured on the website, as well as the company’s latest communications.

InnQuest Software, which has served hoteliers with property management solution for over 20 years, recently made major investments with the aim of becoming the global leader in hospitality technology. The brand refresh captures this commitment to innovation.

“Our new corporate branding and redesigned website reflect both the evolution of our company, as well as the vision for our future,” said Michael Assi, President and CEO. “Our new website reinforces to our clients and partners that our technology solutions will delight their guests.”

With a vision of becoming the preferred one-stop solution provider for hoteliers’ technology needs, InnQuest recently added new solutions and services to its hospitality portfolio. These services appear on the relaunched website alongside a new client portal, and a blog highlighting the latest hospitality insights.


Social Media Engagement

May 2nd, 2017 Marketing

In today’s digital world, social media is a part of nearly everyone’s everyday life. The same is true in the hospitality world.

According to, 55% of Facebook users use the site to seek travel advice and 52% of surveyed responders said their friends’ photos on Facebook inspired their next trip.

And that’s not just one group’s opinion. A report by AHLA said the use of mobile apps for hotel service continues to climb, peaking at 35% of the industry overall as of November of 2016. And HSMAI reported mobile first may soon become mobile only – meaning more and more guests are using mobile alone to make their decisions. So you as a hospitality owner, executive or manager need to be on top of mobile trends, like social media.

Given these facts about the importance of social media, how do you use it properly? How do you increase engagement, gain positive reviews and drive guests to your Facebook and Instagram platforms?

Social Media Engagement


Hospitality Workplace Trends and Challenges

May 2nd, 2017 Hospitality Trends

At the end of March 2017 Wyndham Rewards surpassed 50 million members worldwide, as reported by Lodging Magazine. It’s considered one of the best loyalty programs on the market and their numbers seem to support that position.

Wyndham Rewards is one of many loyalty programs on the market, showing the trend in the industry towards valuing customer retention. Programs like these are critical to building and maintain a trustworthy brand in the public eye.

But have you considered this trend also applies to your staff?

According to a report by IHG, staff must also feel as though they are a part of your membership programs or those programs won’t be nearly as successful as they could be.

Your entire organization must believe in the membership you are providing; all employees at every level must play a role in making your enterprise great, and they must believe in that role. They must know they are contributors and important players in the overall health and success of your company.

If they know they are valued they will take pride in their jobs, and a sense of collaboration will be fostered on all levels. This in turn translates to a positive environment for the rest of your staff and for your members.

Your members and guests will take notice of this; they can tell when your staff is just there to do their jobs or when they are coming from a place of service and connection. Every single person who works in your hotel must be on board; they must feel they are valued and they matter. In turn, they will be sure your members feel they are valued and they matter.

Hospitality Workplace Trends and Challenges