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How to Protect Your Hotel Data and Prevent Security Breaches

October 18th, 2017 General

How well are you protecting sensitive data about your hotel and its guests?

Large-scale security breaches are plaguing the news, and cases like Equifax, and more recently, Deloitte, reveal the damaging consequences of confidential information being released to the public.

While property managers and hoteliers might feel immune, hackers are increasingly targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, hotels included.

Cyber hacks stain your public image, and quickly become costly. Guests also lose trust in your ability to protect their personal information, which diminishes loyalty towards your brand. Fortunately, there are best practices that you can easily adopt at your property to protect your hotel’s data.  (more…)

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Message Your Guests On Mobile

October 9th, 2017 General, Hospitality Trends, Marketing

“Mobile messaging is the new language of the globe,” according to Skift.

With mobile messaging identified as a megatrend in the travel industryreaching an expected 1.1 billion users by 2018industry leaders are steadily embracing the opportunity to communicate one-on-one with guests.

When effectively used, mobile messaging allows travelers to effortlessly access and request key information and services, without phoning the hotel concierge, connecting to the hotel website, or rummaging through printed materials.

Today 66% of consumers now prefer to reach a brand through though messaging apps, which makes mobile messaging an effective and personal way to efficiently fulfil the on-property needs of guests.

A successful mobile messaging strategy can boost ancillary sales, improve reviews on TripAdvisor, and enhance the overall guest experience. Here’s how to do it:


Top Tips for Improving Your Organic Reach Online

October 2nd, 2017 Marketing

Imagine for a moment that you’re not an hotelier, but rather, a keen traveler.

Your friends usually tease you for shamelessly chasing the sun around the world, but right now you’re stuck in middle of a ferociously cold winter.

You retreat to your Instagram feed, stumbling across an idyllic poolside shot, featuring the tanned glow of your friend’s hand cradling a piña colada. The Hilton hotel lingers invitingly in the background, and the engaging visual is paired with the hashtag #HeavenFromTheHilton.

You instantly want to be where she is, doing what she’s doing, and of course, staying where she’s staying.

This is the power of organic reach.